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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Advanced approach to polycyclics by a synergistic combination of enyne metathesis and diels-alder reactionKOTHA, S; MESHRAM, M; TIWARI, A
2014Design and Synthesis of Angularly Annulated Spirocyclics via Enyne Metathesis and the Diels-Alder Reaction as Key StepsKOTHA, S; ALI, R; TIWARI, A
2016Distributed manufacturing: scope, challenges and opportunitiesSRAI, JS; KUMAR, M; GRAHAM, G; PHILLIPS, W; TOOZE, J; FORD, S; BEECHER, P; RAJ, B; GREGORY, M; TIWARI, MK; RAVI, B; NEELY, A; SHANKAR, R; CHARNLEY, F; TIWARI, A
2006Diversity-oriented approach to biologically relevant molecular frameworks starting with beta-naphthol and using the claisen rearrangement and olefin metathesis as key stepsKOTHA, S; MANDAL, K; TIWARI, A; MOBIN, SM
2013Diversity-Oriented Approach to Novel Spirocyclics via Enyne Metathesis, Diels-Alder Reaction, and a [2+2+2] Cycloaddition as Key StepsKOTHA, S; ALI, R; TIWARI, A
2007Effect of addition of Ni on the structure and giant magnetoresi stance in Fe-Cu filmsTIWARI, A; KUMAR, MS
2008Molecular characterization reveals that YMR278w encoded protein is environmental stress response homologue of Saccharomyces cerevisiae PGM2TIWARI, A; BHAT, JP
2007Providing QoS in OSPF based best effort network using load sensitive routingTIWARI, A; SAHOO, A
2007Recovery of acetic acid by reactive distillation: Parametric study and nonlinear dynamic effectsSINGH, A; TIWARI, A; BARISAL, V; GUDI, RD; MAHAJANI, SM
2006Recovery of acetic acid from aqueous solutions by reactive distillationSINGH, A; TIWARI, A; MAHAJANI, SM; GUDI, RD
2007Structure, microstructure, and giant magnetoresistance in nanogranular FeAgNi thin filmsTIWARI, A; ROUT, S; PATIL, PB; KUMAR, MS