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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Can Escherichia Coli Sense Spatially?KARMAKAR, R; TIRUMKUDULU, MS; VENKATESH, KV
2009Coating flow of viscous Newtonian liquids on a rotating vertical diskPARMAR, NH; TIRUMKUDULU, MS; HINCH, EJ
2009Consolidation of Charged Colloids during DryingSARKAR, A; TIRUMKUDULU, MS
2007Cracking in drying colloidal filmsSINGH, KB; TIRUMKUDULU, MS
2009Cracking in Drying Colloidal Films of Flocculated DispersionsSINGH, KB; BHOSALE, LR; TIRUMKUDULU, MS
2005Cracking in drying latex filmsTIRUMKUDULU, MS; RUSSEL, WB
2009Cracking in Soft-Hard Latex Blends: Theory and ExperimentsSINGH, KB; DEOGHARE, G; TIRUMKUDULU, MS
2011Delamination of drying nanoparticle suspensionsSARKAR, A; TIRUMKUDULU, MS
2016Dynamics of cracking in drying colloidal sheetsSENGUPTA, R; TIRUMKUDULU, MS
2016Enhancement of Swimming Speed Leads to a More-Efficient Chemotactic Response to RepellentKARMAKAR, R; BHASKAR, RVSU; JESUDASAN, RE; TIRUMKUDULU, MS; VENKATESH, KV
2016Escherichia coli modulates its motor speed on sensing an attractantKARMAKAR, R; NAAZ, F; TIRUMKUDULU, MS; VENKATESH, KV
2008An experimental study of impulsively started turbulent axisymmetric jetsBAJPAI, S; TIRUMKUDULU, MS
2017Free-standing monolayer films of ordered colloidal particlesYADAV, A; TIRUMKUDULU, MS
2016Growth of sinuous waves on thin liquid sheets: Comparison of predictions with experimentsMAJUMDAR, N; TIRUMKUDULU, MS
2010Instability of a moving liquid sheet in the presence of acoustic forcingMULMULE, AS; TIRUMKUDULU, MS; RAMAMURTHI, K
2010Mathematical modeling and experimental validation of chemotaxis under controlled gradients of methyl-aspartate in Escherichia coliVUPPULA, RR; TIRUMKUDULU, MS; VENKATESH, KV
2007Measurement of tack of Newtonian liquids on porous substratesJHA, PK; TIRUMKUDULU, MS
2014Motor characteristics determine the rheological behavior of a suspension of microswimmersKARMAKAR, R; GULVADY, R; TIRUMKUDULU, MS; VENKATESH, KV
2016Open water bellsPARAMATI, M; TIRUMKUDULU, MS
2009Ring-shaped structure in free surface flow of non-Newtonian liquidsPARMAR, NH; TIRUMKUDULU, MS