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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Break-up of a non-Newtonian jet injected downwards in a Newtonian liquidLAKDAWALA, AM; THAOKAR, R; SHARMA, A
2012Color and surface plasmon effects in nanoparticle systems: Case of silver nanoparticles prepared by microemulsion routeCHHATRE, A; SOLASA, P; SAKLE, S; THAOKAR, R; MEHRA, A
2015DGLSM based study of temporal instability and formation of satellite drop in a capillary jet breakupLAKDAWALA, AM; THAOKAR, R; SHARMA, A
2005A DNA ring acting as a thermal ratchetKULIC, IM; THAOKAR, R; SCHIESSEL, H
2016A Dual Grid Level Set Method based study on similarity and difference between interface dynamics for surface tension and radial electric field induced jet breakupLAKDAWALA, AM; SHARMA, A; THAOKAR, R
2015Dynamics of a charged drop in a quadrupole electric fieldDAS, S; MAYYA, YS; THAOKAR, R
2015Electrocoalescence in non-uniform electric fields: An experimental studyMHATRE, S; THAOKAR, R
2014Electrokinetic model for electric-field-induced interfacial instabilitiesGAMBHIRE, P; THAOKAR, R
2017Electrostatic interactions in dissipative particle dynamics-Ewald-like formalism, error analysis, and pressure computationVAIWALA, R; JADHAV, S; THAOKAR, R
2007Enhancement of gas absorption by sparingly soluble fine particles reacting instantaneously with the dissolved gas: A cell modelJUVEKAR, VA; JOSHI, AA; THAOKAR, R
2007Equation of state of looped DNAKULIC, IM; MOHRBACH, H; THAOKAR, R; SCHIESSEL, H
2011Extrudate swell of linear and branched polyethylenes: ALE simulations and comparison with experimentsGANVIR, V; GAUTHAM, BP; POL, H; BHAMLA, MS; SCLESI, L; THAOKAR, R; LELE, A; MACKLEY, M
2017Formation and shape-control of hierarchical cobalt nanostructures using quaternary ammonium salts in aqueous mediaDESHMUKH, R; MEHRA, A; THAOKAR, R
2006From sliding nucleosomes to twirling DNA motorsKULIC, IM; THAOKAR, R; SCHIESSEL, H
2015Mechanism of Nanorod Formation by Wormlike Micelle-Assisted Assembly of NanospheresCHHATRE, A; DUTTAGUPTA, S; THAOKAR, R; MEHRA, A
2017Numerical study of Rayleigh fission of a charged viscous liquid dropGAWANDE, N; MAYYA, YS; THAOKAR, R
2014Optimum size of nanorods for heating applicationSESHADRI, G; THAOKAR, R; MEHRA, A
2014Pin-Plate Electrode System for Emulsification of a Higher Conductivity Leaky Dielectric Liquid into a Low Conductivity MediumMHATRE, S; THAOKAR, R
2017A Robust worm-like micellar template based method for the synthesis of anisotropic nanoparticlesGUPTA, VKN; MEHRA, A; THAOKAR, R