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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analysis of hole quality in drilling GLARE fiber metal laminatesPAWAR, OA; GAIKHE, YS; TEWARI, A; SUNDARAM, R; JOSHI, SS
2017Biomarker signatures of Permian Gondwana coals from India and their palaeobotanical significanceTEWARI, A; DUTTA, S; SARKAR, T
2017Effect of Friction Models and Parameters on the Lagrangian Flow Fields in High-Temperature Compression TestingKUNDALKAR, D; SINGH, R; TEWARI, A
2016Effect of gas nitriding on the thermal fatigue behavior of martensitic chromium hot-work tool steelKUNDALKAR, D; MAVALANKAR, M; TEWARI, A
2016Effect of plastic anisotropy on forming behavior of AA-6061 aluminum alloy sheetBARNWAL, VK; TEWARI, A; NARASIMHAN, K; MISHRA, SK
2017An efficient way to achieve high ionic conductivity and electrochemical stability of safer nonaflate anion-based ionic liquid gel polymer electrolytes (ILGPEs) for rechargeable lithium ion batteriesKARUPPASAMY, K; REDDY, PA; SRINIVAS, G; SHARMA, R; TEWARI, A; KUMAR, GH; GUPTA, D
2016Electrochemical and cycling performances of novel nonafluorobutanesulfonate (nonaflate) ionic liquid based ternary gel polymer electrolyte membranes for rechargeable lithium ion batteriesKARUPPASAMY, K; REDDY, PA; SRINIYAS, G; TEWARI, A; SHARMA, R; SHAJAN, XS; GUPTA, D
2015Formability and microstructure evolution during hydroforming of drawing quality welded steel tubeOMAR, A; TEWARI, A; NARASIMHAN, K
2015Forming limit diagram of Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) based on strain-path diagramBHARGAVA, M; TEWARI, A; MISHRA, SK
2013The Fracture Characteristics of a Near Eutectic Al-Si Based Alloy Under CompressionJOSEPH, S; TEWARI, A; KUMAR, S
2015High-mobility and low-operating voltage organic thin film transistor with epoxy based siloxane binder as the gate dielectricTEWARI, A; GANDLA, S; PININTI, AR; KARUPPASAMY, K; BOHM, S; BHATTACHARYYA, AR; MCNEILL, CR; GUPTA, D
2016Highly elastic polymer substrates with tunable mechanical properties for stretchable electronic applicationsGANDLA, S; GUPTA, H; PININTI, AR; TEWARI, A; GUPTA, D
2014Influence of beta phase fraction on deformation of grains in and around shear bands in machining of titanium alloysJOSHI, S; PAWAR, P; TEWARI, A; JOSHI, SS
2017Influence of hydride orientation on fracture toughness of CWSR Zr-2.5%Nb pressure tube material between RT and 300 degrees CSHARMA, RK; SUNIL, S; KUMAWAT, BK; SINGH, RN; TEWARI, A; KASHYAP, BP
2013Influence of Microstructure on Uniaxial Strain Localization in AA5754 Aluminum Sheets Produced by Various Processing RoutesTEWARI, A; VIJAYALAKSHMI, S; TIWARI, S; BISWAS, P; KIM, S; MISHRA, RK; KUBIC, R; SACHDEV, AK
2013Influence of Preheating on Chip Segmentation and Microstructure in Orthogonal Machining of Ti6Al4VJOSHI, S; TEWARI, A; JOSHI, S
2015Microstructural Characterization of Chip Segmentation Under Different Machining Environments in Orthogonal Machining of Ti6Al4VJOSHI, S; TEWARI, A; JOSHI, SS
2017Microstructural damage dependent stiffness prediction of unidirectional CFRP composite under cyclic loadingSENTHILNATHAN, K; HIREMATH, CP; NAIK, NK; GUHA, A; TEWARI, A
2016Microstructural Evolution During Multi-Pass Friction Stir Processing of a Magnesium AlloyTRIPATHI, A; TEWARI, A; KANJARLA, AK; SRINIVASAN, N; REDDY, GM; ZHU, SM; NIE, JF; DOHERTY, RD; SAMAJDAR, I
2015Microstructural Origin of Friction Stir Processed Zone in a Magnesium AlloyTRIPATHI, A; TEWARI, A; SRINIVASAN, N; REDDY, GM; ZHU, SM; NIE, JF; DOHERTY, RD; SAMAJDAR, I