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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Adaptive Probabilistic Approach for Selecting Tumour Knee ProsthesisGHYAR, R; SUBBURAJ, K; RAVI, B; AGARWAL, M
2009Automated 3D geometric reasoning in computer assisted joint reconstructive surgerySUBBURAJ, K; RAVI, B; AGARWAL, MG
2009Automated identification of anatomical landmarks on 3D bone models reconstructed from CT scan imagesSUBBURAJ, K; RAVI, B; AGARWAL, M
2008Computer aided rapid tooling process selection and manufacturability evaluation for injection mold developmentNAGAHANUMAIAH; SUBBURAJ, K; RAVI, B
2009Computerized assessment of excessive femoral and tibial torsional deformation by 3D anatomical landmarks referencingSUBBURAJ, K; RAVI, B; AGARWAL, MG
2008Geometry driven decision support system for knee tumour mega endo-prosthesis components selectionSUBBURAJ, K; SURESH, P; ANASANE, SS; RAVI, B; AGARWAL, MG
2007High resolution medical models and geometric reasoning starting from CT/MR imagesSUBBURAJ, K; RAVI, B
1999Microwave-assisted rate-enhanced method for the synthesis of 2,2-dimethyl-2H-chromenesSUBBURAJ, K; TRIVEDI, GK
2007Rapid development of auricular prosthesis using CAD and rapid prototyping technologiesSUBBURAJ, K; NAIR, C; RAJESH, S; MESHRAM, SM; RAVI, B
1996Regioselective synthesis of substituted pterocarpans and pterocarpenes. Lewis acid Ti(IV) promoted formal (3+2) cycloaddition reactionsMURUGESH, MG; SUBBURAJ, K; TRIVEDI, GK
1997Regioselective total synthesis of (+/-)neorautane, (+/-)neorautanin and their analogs. Microwave mediated synthesis of 2H-chromenes from propargyl phenyl ethers.SUBBURAJ, K; KATOCH, R; MURUGESH, MG; TRIVEDI, GK
1997Regioselective total synthesis of edulane and its angular analogueSUBBURAJ, K; MURUGESH, MG; TRIVEDI, GK
2009Tumour knee replacement planning in a 3D graphics systemSUBBURAJ, K; RAVI, B; AGARWAL, MG
1996ZnCl2 promoted formal (3+2) cycloaddition reactions of 2-alkoxy-1,4-benzoquinones with 2H-chromenes.SUBBURAJ, K; MURUGESH, MG; TRIVEDI, GK