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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Albumin stabilized gold nanostars: a biocompatible nanoplatform for SERS, CT imaging and photothermal therapy of cancerSASIDHARAN, S; BAHADUR, D; SRIVASTAVA, R
2016Assessing Therapeutic Potential of Magnetic Mesoporous Nanoassemblies for Chemo-Resistant TumorsPRADHAN, L; THAKUR, B; SRIVASTAVA, R; RAY, P; BAHADUR, D
2014Biocompatible Amphiphilic Pentablock Copolymeric Nanoparticles for Anti-Cancer Drug DeliveryBYAGARI, K; SHANAVAS, A; RENGAN, AK; KUNDU, GC; SRIVASTAVA, R
2016Bioresponsive carbon nano-gated multifunctional mesoporous silica for cancer theranosticsPRASAD, R; AIYER, S; CHAUHAN, DS; SRIVASTAVA, R; SELVARAJ, K
2015A Chimeric Cetuximab-Functionalized Corona as a Potent Delivery System for Microtubule-Destabilizing Nanocomplexes to Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells: A Focus on EGFR and Tubulin Intracellular DynamicsPOOJARI, R; KINI, S; SRIVASTAVA, R; PANDA, D
2011Cholesterol Biosensors Based on Oxygen Sensing Alginate-Silica MicrospheresPRASAD, J; JOSHI, A; JAYANT, RD; SRIVASTAVA, R
2007Dexamethasone release from uniform sized nanoengineered alginate microspheresJAYANT, RD; SRIVASTAVA, R
2009Dissolved core alginate microspheres as "Smart-Tattoo" glucose sensorsCHAUDHARY, A; RAINA, M; MCSHANE, MJ; SRIVASTAVA, R
2017Dual responsive magnetic composite nanogels for thermo-chemotherapyINDULEKHA, S; ARUNKUMAR, P; BAHADUR, D; SRIVASTAVA, R
2009Evaluation of Glucose Sensitive Affinity Binding Assay Entrapped in Fluorescent Dissolved-Core Alginate MicrospheresCHAUDHARY, A; RAINA, M; HARMA, H; HANNINEN, P; MCSHANE, MJ; SRIVASTAVA, R
2017Evolution of thiol-capped gold nanoclusters into larger gold nanoparticles under electron beam irradiationKUMAWAT, MK; THAKUR, M; LAKKAKULA, JR; DIVAKARAN, D; SRIVASTAVA, R
2010Glucose response of dissolved-core alginate microspheres: towards a continuous glucose biosensorCHAUDHARY, A; MCSHANE, MJ; SRIVASTAVA, R
2011Glucose Response of Near-Infrared Alginate-Based Microsphere Sensors Under Dynamic Reversible ConditionsCHAUDHARY, A; HARMA, H; HANNINEN, P; MCSHANE, MJ; SRIVASTAVA, R
2008Glucose sensing using competitive binding assay co-encapsulated in uniform sized alginate microspheresCHAUDHARY, A; SRIVASTAVA, R
2014Gold Nanocages as Effective Photothermal Transducers in Killing Highly Tumorigenic Cancer CellsRENGAN, AK; KUNDU, G; BANERJEE, R; SRIVASTAVA, R
2014Gold Nanocages as Effective Photothermal Transducers in Killing Highly Tumorigenic Cancer CellsRENGAN, AK; KUNDU, G; BANERJEE, R; SRIVASTAVA, R
2017Graphene Quantum Dots from Mangifera indica: Application in Near Infrared Bioimaging and Intracellular NanothermometryKUMAWAT, MK; THAKUR, M; GURUNG, RB; SRIVASTAVA, R
2017Highly selective optical and reversible dual-path chemosensor for cyanide detection and its application in live cells imagingKESHAV, K; TORAWANE, P; KUMAWAT, MK; TAYADE, K; SAHOO, SK; SRIVASTAVA, R; KUWAR, A
2011In vitro and in vivo evaluation of anti-inflammatory agents using nanoengineered alginate carriers: Towards localized implant inflammation suppressionJAYANT, RD; MCSHANE, MJ; SRIVASTAVA, R
2017In vitro comparative studies of Zein nanoparticles and composite Chitosan thermogels based injectable formulation of DoxorubicinARUNKUMAR, P; INDULEKHA, S; AYALAKSHMI, SV; SRIVASTAVA, R