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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Acoustic and heat transfer aspects of an inclined impinging synthetic jetBHAPKAR, US; SRIVASTAVA, A; AGRAWAL, A
2014Acoustic and heat transfer characteristics of an impinging elliptical synthetic jet generated by acoustic actuatorBHAPKAR, US; SRIVASTAVA, A; AGRAWAL, A
2014Application of the windowed-Fourier-transform-based fringe analysis technique for investigating temperature and concentration fields in fluidsMOHANAN, S; SRIVASTAVA, A
2016Characterization of Pulsating Submerged Jet-A Particle Image Velocimetry StudyYADAV, H; SRIVASTAVA, A; AGRAWAL, A
2013Development and application of color schlieren technique for investigation of three-dimensional concentration fieldSRIVASTAVA, A
2016Dual phase lag model-based thermal analysis of tissue phantoms using lattice Boltzmann methodPATIDAR, S; KUMAR, S; SRIVASTAVA, A; SINGH, S
1997Electron microscopy of modified aluminum alkoxide microstructures on freeze-dryingSRIVASTAVA, A; MENON, AR; BELLARE, JR
2017Exploring the potential of nanofluids for heat transfer augmentation in dimpled compact channels: Non-intrusive measurementsSINHA, GK; SRIVASTAVA, A
2011Flow behaviour of autoclaved, 20% cold worked, Zr-2.5Nb alloy pressure tube material in the temperature range of room temperature to 800 degrees CDUREJA, AK; SINHA, SK; SRIVASTAVA, A; SINHA, RK; CHAKRAVARTTY, JK; SESHU, P; PAWASKAR, DN
2015Fourier Grid Hamiltonian Method for calculating the Einstein coefficients, Franck-Condon factors, r-Centroids, average internuclear separations and radiative lifetimes for N-2 and CO moleculesDIXIT, MK; SRIVASTAVA, A; TEMBE, BL
2008Growth of textured nanocrystalline cobalt ferrite thin films by pulsed laser depositionADITYA, L; SRIVASTAVA, A; SAHOO, SK; DAS, P; MUKHERJEE, C; MISRA, A; REDDY, VR; SHINDE, RS; GUPTA, A; PRASAD, S; SAMAJDAR, I; NANDEDKAR, RV; VENKATARAMANI, N
2017Interferometric investigation of methanol droplet combustion in varying oxygen environments under normal gravityYADAV, AK; CHOWDHURY, A; SRIVASTAVA, A
2015Interferometric study of heat transfer characteristics of Al2O3 and SiO2-based dilute nanofluids under simultaneously developing flow regime in compact channelsHARIDAS, D; RAJPUT, NS; SRIVASTAVA, A
2015Interferometric study of nanofluid-based heat transfer phenomena in compact channelsPAUL, PKE; HARIDAS, D; SRIVASTAVA, A
2017Interferometric study of natural convection heat transfer phenomena around array of heated cylindersNARAYAN, S; SINGH, AK; SRIVASTAVA, A
2016Interferometric study of natural convection in a differentially-heated cavity with Al2O3-water based dilute nanofluidsRAO, SS; SRIVASTAVA, A
2014Interferometry based whole-field heat transfer measurements of an impinging turbulent synthetic jetBHAPKAR, US; MOHANAN, S; AGRAWAL, A; SRIVASTAVA, A
2017Interferometry-based direct comparison of transport phenomena associated with the growth processes of organic and inorganic crystalsHARIDAS, D; SRIVASTAVA, A
2014Interferometry-based whole field investigation of heat transfer characteristics of dilute nanofluidsRAO, SS; SRIVASTAVA, A