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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Bioconductive 3D nano-composite constructs with tunable elasticity to initiate stem cell growth and induce bone mineralizationSAGAR, N; KHANNA, K; SARDESAI, VS; SINGH, AK; TEMGIRE, M; KALITA, MP; KADAM, SS; SONI, VP; BHARTIYA, D; BELLARE, JR
2013Bone Healing Evaluation of Nanofibrous Composite Scaffolds in Rat Calvarial Defects: A Comparative StudyJAISWAL, AK; DHUMAL, RV; GHOSH, S; CHAUDHARI, P; NEMANI, H; SONI, VP; VANAGE, GR; BELLARE, JR
2009Bone heating performance of electrophoretically deposited apatite-wollastonite/chitosan coating on titanium implants in rabbit tibiaeSHARMA, S; PATIL, DJ; SONI, VP; SARKATE, LB; KHANDEKAR, GS; BELLARE, JR
2009Chitosan reinforced apatite-wollastonite coating by electrophoretic deposition on titanium implantsSHARMA, S; SONI, VP; BELLARE, JR
2017Comparative bone regeneration study of hardystonite and hydroxyapatite as filler in critical-sized defect of rat calvariaKHANNA, K; JAISWAL, A; DHUMAL, RV; SELKAR, N; CHAUDHARI, P; SONI, VP; VANAGE, GR; BELLARE, J
2009Electrophoretic deposition of nanobiocomposites for orthopedic applications: influence of current density and coating durationSHARMA, S; SONI, VP; BELLARE, JR
2013Enhanced mechanical strength and biocompatibility of electrospun polycaprolactone-gelatin scaffold with surface deposited nano-hydroxyapatiteJAISWAL, AK; CHHABRA, H; SONI, VP; BELLARE, JR
2013Hardystonite improves biocompatibility and strength of electrospun polycaprolactone nanofibers over hydroxyapatite: A comparative studyJAISWAL, AK; CHHABRA, H; KADAM, SS; LONDHE, K; SONI, VP; BELLARE, JR
2013Improved functionalization of electrospun PLLA/gelatin scaffold by alternate soaking method for bone tissue engineeringJAISWAL, AK; KADAM, SS; SONI, VP; BELLARE, JR
2013In-Vivo Efficacy of Compliant 3D Nano-Composite in Critical-Size Bone Defect Repair: a Six Month Preclinical Study in RabbitSAGAR, N; PANDEY, AK; GURBANI, D; KHAN, K; SINGH, D; CHAUDHARI, BP; SONI, VP; CHATTOPADHYAY, N; DHAWAN, A; BELLARE, JR
2012Influence of carboxymethyl chitin on stability and biocompatibility of 3D nanohydroxyapatite/gelatin/carboxymethyl chitin composite for bone tissue engineeringSAGAR, N; SONI, VP; BELLARE, JR
2012Mineralization of nanohydroxyapatite on electrospun poly(L-lactic acid)/gelatin by an alternate soaking process: A biomimetic scaffold for bone regenerationJAISWAL, AK; CHANDRA, V; BHONDE, RR; SONI, VP; BELLARE, JR