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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010360 degrees sun tracking with automated cleaning system for solar PV modulesTEJWANI, R; SOLANKI, CS
2011a-Si/SiN (x) multilayered light absorber for solar cellPANCHAL, AK; RAI, DK; MATHEW, M; SOLANKI, CS
2008Aspect ratio evaluation of carbon nanotubes grown on calcium carbonate substrate for different temperatures and precursor flow timesPATIL, KN; SOLANKI, CS
2017Boron-rich layer properties formed by boron spin on dopant diffusion in n-type siliconSINGHA, B; SOLANKI, CS
2014Broadband Reflection Minimization Using Silver Ultra Thin Film Sandwiched Between Silicon Nitride Layers for c-Si Solar Cell ApplicationSINGH, HK; SHARMA, P; SOLANKI, CS
2015Characterization of electroless nickel as a seed layer for silicon solar cell metallizationRAVAL, MC; SOLANKI, CS
2010Co-relation between capacitance-voltage, conductance-voltage and photoconductive properties of the as-deposited and annealed a-Si/SIN(X) multilayer films prepared using hot-wire cvdPANCHAL, AK; RAI, DK; MATHEW, M; SOLANKI, CS
2016Comparison of Boron diffused emitters from BN, BSoD and H3BO3 dopantsSINGHA, B; SOLANKI, CS
2017Comprehensive study of performance degradation of field-mounted photovoltaic modules in IndiaDUBEY, R; CHATTOPADHYAY, S; KUTHANAZHI, V; KOTTANTHARAYIL, A; SOLANKI, CS; ARORA, BM; NARASIMHAN, KL; VASI, J; BORA, B; SINGH, YK; SASTRY, OS
2017Deep Diffusion of Phosphorus in Silicon using Microsecond-pulsed Laser DopingMONDAL, S; SOLANKI, CS
2013Diffused bulk channels instead of laser drilled via-holes in emitter wrap-through solar cell structure: A simulation studyMONDAL, S; THAKUR, P; SOLANKI, CS
2008Enhanced heat dissipation of V-trough PV modules for better performanceSOLANKI, CS; SANGANI, CS; GUNASHEKAR, D; ANTONY, G
2008Estimation of monthly averaged direct normal solar radiation using elevation angle for any locationSOLANKI, CS; SANGANI, CS
2007Experimental evaluation of V-trough (2 suns) PV concentrator system using commercial PV modulesSANGANI, CS; SOLANKI, CS
2009Fabrication of silicon quantum dots in SiN(x) multilayer using hot-wire CVDPANCHAL, AK; SOLANKI, CS
2010Fluorescent manganese-doped zinc sulphide nanoparticles for spectral shiftingSEN, S; SHARMA, P; SOLANKI, CS; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2009From 1 Sun to 10 Suns c-Si Cells by Optimizing Metal Grid, Metal Resistance, and Junction DepthCHAUDHARI, VA; SOLANKI, CS
2017Growth of silicon nitride by nitridation of amorphous silicon at low temperature in hot-wire CVDRAI, DK; SOLANKI, CS; KAVAIPATTI, BR
2016Impact of a boron rich layer on minority carrier lifetime degradation in boron spin-on dopant diffused n-type crystalline silicon solar cellsSINGHA, B; SOLANKI, CS
2017N-type solar cells: advantages, issues, and current scenariosSINGHA, B; SOLANKI, CS