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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The AICTE review: an opportunity for engineering education reformSOHONI, M
2004Asynchronous automata-theoretic characterization of aperiodic trace languagesADSUL, B; SOHONI, M
2002Complete and tractable local linear time temporal logics over tracesADSUL, B; SOHONI, M
2014Conversations: from Alan Turing to NP-completenessRADHAKRISHNAN, J; COOK, SA; PARIKH, RJ; GOPALKRISHNAN, M; SOHONI, M
2015Data-driven behavioural characterization of dry-season groundwater-level variation in Maharashtra, IndiaGOKHALE, R; SOHONI, M
2015Detecting appropriate groundwater-level trends for safe groundwater developmentGOKHALE, R; SOHONI, M
1998Development of a multi-FPGA netlist partitioner and a general purpose graph partitioning systemGOWAIKAR, P; SOHONI, M; CHANDRAMOULI, M; PATKAR, S
2001Geometric complexity theory I: An approach to the P vs. NP and related problemsMULMULEY, KD; SOHONI, M
2008Geometric complexity theory II: Towards explicit obstructions for embeddings among class varietiesMULMULEY, KD; SOHONI, M
2012Geometric complexity theory III: on deciding nonvanishing of a Littlewood-Richardson coefficientMULMULEY, KD; NARAYANAN, H; SOHONI, M
2016Incorporating Sharp Features in the General Solid Sweep FrameworkADSUL, B; MACHCHHAR, J; SOHONI, M
1997Keeping track of the latest gossip in a distributed systemMUKUND, M; SOHONI, M
2000Keeping track of the latest gossip in shared memory systemsADSUL, B; MEHTA, A; SOHONI, M
2002Local normal forms for logics over tracesADSUL, B; SOHONI, M
2010Nash equilibria in fisher marketADSUL, B; BABU, CS; GARG, J; MEHTA, R; SOHONI, M
2014A participatory decision making process for community-level water supplyHONKALASKAR, VH; SOHONI, M; BHANDARKAR, UV
1999Rapid mixing of some linear matroids and other combinatorial objectsSOHONI, M
2001A reordering algorithm for data compression for FPGA configurationsKUMAR, N; USHA, P; SOHONI, M; RAO, SSS
1998Robust asynchronous protocols are finite-stateMUKUND, M; KUMAR, KN; RADHAKRISHNAN, J; SOHONI, M
2010A simplex-like algorithm for fisher marketsADSUL, B; BABU, CS; GARG, J; MEHTA, R; SOHONI, M