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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Computational Fluid Dynamics in Hypersonic AerothermodynamicsSINHA, K
2013Conservative Formulation of the k-epsilon Turbulence Model for Shock-Turbulence InteractionSINHA, K; BALASRIDHAR, SJ
2014Effect of High-Enthalpy Air Chemistry on Stagnation Point Heat FluxREDDY, DSK; SAIKIA, B; SINHA, K
2014Effect of High-Enthalpy Air Chemistry on Stagnation Point Heat FluxREDDY, DSK; SAIKIA, B; SINHA, K
2016Effect of Prandtl number on the linear stability of compressible Couette flowRAMACHANDRAN, A; SAIKIA, B; SINHA, K; GOVINDARAJAN, R
2017Effects of viscosity and conductivity stratification on the linear stability and transient growth within compressible Couette flowSAIKIA, B; RAMACHANDRAN, A; SINHA, K; GOVINDARAJAN, R
2012Evolution of enstrophy in shock/homogeneous turbulence interactionSINHA, K
2009Hypersonic turbulent flow simulation of FIRE II Reentry vehicle afterbodyREDDY, DSK; SINHA, K
2016Kovasznay Mode Decomposition of Velocity-Temperature Correlation in Canonical Shock-Turbulence InteractionQUADROS, R; SINHA, K; LARSSON, J
2008Kronecker sum of binary orthogonal ArraysSINHA, K; VELLAISAMY, P; SINHA, N
2009Modeling the effect of upstream temperature fluctuations on shock/homogeneous turbulence interactionVEERA, VK; SINHA, K
2016Modelling of turbulent energy flux in canonical shock-turbulence interactionQUADROS, R; SINHA, K
2016Numerical Error in the k-epsilon Turbulence Model Applied to Eddy-Viscous Shock WavesSINHA, K; SINGH, RS
2016A physically consistent and numerically robust k-epsilon model for computing turbulent flows with shock wavesRAJE, P; SINHA, K
2017Pyridine C3-arylation of nicotinic acids accessible via a multicomponent reaction: an entry to all-substituted-3,4-diarylated pyridinesGUCHHAIT, SK; HURA, N; SINHA, K; PANDA, D
2017Reynolds stress models applied to canonical shock-turbulence interactionVEMULA, JB; SINHA, K
2008Shock-unsteadiness model applied to oblique shock wave/turbulent boundary-layer interactionPASHA, AA; SINHA, K
2012Simulation of Hypersonic Shock/Turbulent Boundary-Layer Interactions Using Shock-Unsteadiness ModelPASHA, AA; SINHA, K
2004Synthesis, structure, redox, NLO and DNA interaction aspects of [{(L '(-)''')(2)Ru-II}(3)(mu(3)-L)](3+) and [(L ')(2)Ru-II(NC5H4S-)](+) [L3-=1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-trithiolato, L '(-)''' = arylazopyridine]KAR, S; PRADHAN, B; SINHA, K; KUNDU, T; KODGIRE, P; RAO, KK; PURANIK, VG; LAHIRI, GK
2016Turbulent energy flux generated by shock/homogeneous-turbulence interactionQUADROS, R; SINHA, K; LARSSON, J