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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20092-Bromo-3-nitrobenzaldehydeSINGH, VP; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
2008Aspects of intramolecularly coordinated organochalcogen derivativesSHARMA, S; SELVAKUMAR, K; SINGH, VP; ZADE, SS; SINGH, HB
2017Depositional palaeoenvironment and economic potential of Khadsaliya lignite deposits (Saurashtra Basin), western India: Based on petrographic, palynofacies and geochemical characteristicsSINGH, VP; SINGH, BD; SINGH, A; SINGH, MP; MATHEWS, RP; DUTTA, S; MENDHE, VA; MAHESH, S; MISHRA, S
2012Intramolecular C-C coupling of 2,6-disubstituted-1-bromoaryls for dihydrophenanthridinesSINGH, VP; SINGH, P; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
2010Linear Instability Theory for Frequency Assessment of Coherent Vortices in Submerged and Aside Rigid CanopiesPATIL, S; SINGH, VP; RASTOGI, AK
2004Long-term hydrological simulation based on the Soil Conservation Service curve numberMISHRA, SK; SINGH, VP
2014Multivariate modeling of droughts using copulas and meta-heuristic methodsREDDY, MJ; SINGH, VP
2017Paleoenvironment of Eocene lignite bearing succession from Bikaner-Nagaur Basin, western India: Organic petrography, palynology, palynofacies and geochemistrySINGH, A; SHIVANNA, M; MATHEWS, RP; SINGH, BD; SINGH, H; SINGH, VP; DUTTA, S
2011Photoluminescent selenospirocyclic and selenotetracyclic derivatives by domino reactions of amines and iminesSINGH, VP; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
2010Stable selenenium cations: unusual reactivity and excellent glutathione peroxidase-like activitySINGH, VP; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
2011Synthesis and Glutathione Peroxidase-Like Activities of IsoselenazolinesSINGH, VP; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
2011Synthesis of Cyclic Selenenate/Seleninate Esters Stabilized by ortho-Nitro Coordination: Their Glutathione Peroxidase-Like ActivitiesSINGH, VP; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
2010Very Strongly Ferromagnetically Coupled Diradicals from Mixed Radical Centers. II. Nitronyl Nitroxide Coupled to Tetrathiafulvalene via SpacersLATIF, IA; SINGH, VP; BHATTACHARJEE, U; PANDA, A; DATTA, SN