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2004Cycloaddition between electron deficient partners: an efficient regio- and stereoselective synthesis of functionalised bicyclo[2.2.2]octenones. A tandem alkylation, stereochemical inversion and aldol condensationSINGH, VISHWAKARMA; PRAVEENA, GD; SHAIKH, MOBIN M
2008Cycloaddition of oxidopyrylium species in organic synthesisSINGH, VISHWAKARMA; MURALI KRISHNA, U; VIKRANT; TRIVEDI, GIRISH K
2002Cycloaddition of substituted spiroepoxycyclohexa-2,4-dienones: synthesis and X-ray crystal structure of the adductsSINGH, VISHWAKARMA; TOSH, DILIP K; KANE, VINAYAK V; ERNST, LUDGER; JONES, PETER G
2007Molecular complexity from aromatics. Cycloaddition of cyclohexa-2,4-dienones, sigmatropic 1,2-acyl shift and ring-closing metathesis: a new, efficient, and stereoselective synthesis of (±)-hirsutic acid C and medium ring carbocyclesSINGH, VISHWAKARMA; PAL, SHANTANU; TOSH, DILIP K; SHAIKH, MOBIN M
2000Molecular complexity from aromatics: synthesis and photoreaction of endo-tricyclo[,6]undecanes. Formal total syntheses of (±)-coriolinSINGH, VISHWAKARMA; SAMANTA, BISWAJIT; KANE, VINAYAK V
2005Molecular complexity from aromatics: synthesis and photoreaction of endo-tricyclo[,6]undecane—A stereoselective route to tricyclic framework of protoilludanesSINGH, VISHWAKARMA; LAHIRI, SANJOY; PAL, SHANTANU
2003Novel entry into oxepane–diquinane and oxepane–sterpurane hybrids: synthesis and photochemistry of 3-oxatricyclo[,7]tridecenonesSINGH, VISHWAKARMA; VEDANTHAM, PUNITHA; KANE, VINAYAK V; POLBORN, KURT
2002A novel stereoselective total synthesis of (±)-hirsutene from saligeninSINGH, VISHWAKARMA; VEDANTHAM, PUNITHA; SAHU, PRAMOD K
2004Reactive species from aromatics and oxa-di-π-methane rearrangement: a stereoselective synthesis of (±)-hirsutene from salicyl alcoholSINGH, VISHWAKARMA; VEDANTHAM, PUNITHA; SAHU, PRAMOD K
2005Recent approaches towards synthesis of cis-decalinsSINGH, VISHWAKARMA; IYER, SRIDHAR R; PAL, SHANTANU
2004A simple synthesis of bis-annulated bicyclo[2.2.2]octenones containing a β,γ-enone chromophore and photochemical reactions: a new entry into angular tetraquinane and other polycyclic systemsSINGH, VISHWAKARMA; SAHU, PRAMOD K; SHAIKH, MOBIN M
2000Structural diversity through intramolecular cycloaddition and modulation of chemical reactivity in excited state. Synthesis and photoreactions of 3-oxa-tricyclo[,5]undecenones: novel stereoselective route to oxa-triquinanes and oxa-sterpuranesSINGH, VISHWAKARMA; ALAM, SQ
2005Studies on alkylation of bicyclo[2.2.2]octenones and 3,3-sigmatropic shift: synthesis of advanced cis-decalinsSINGH, VISHWAKARMA; IYER, SRIDHAR R
2002Synthesis and photoreactions of 3-oxa-tricyclo[,5]undecenones: a novel, stereoselective route to oxa-triquinanes and oxa-sterpuranesSINGH, VISHWAKARMA; ALAM, SQ; PRAVEENA, GD
2004Synthesis of embellished bicyclo[2.2.2]octenones and a sigmatropic 1,2-acyl shift in an excited state: a novel and stereoselective route to (±)-hirsutic acid C and complicatic acidSINGH, VISHWAKARMA; TOSH, DILIP K; SHAIKH, MOBIN M
2003π4s+π2s Cycloaddition between electron deficient π-systems and photoreaction of β,γ-enones: a novel stereoselective entry into angular triquinanesSINGH, VISHWAKARMA; LAHIRI, SANJOY