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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20113D instability analysis of an underground geological repository-an Indian case studyVERMA, AK; BAJPAI, RK; SINGH, TN; NARAYAN, PK; DUTT, A
2012Analysis of thermo-hydrologic-mechanical impact of repository for high-level radioactive waste in clay host formation: an Indian reference disposal systemDUTT, A; SAINI, MS; SINGH, TN; VERMA, AK; BAJPAI, RK
2013Application of an Expert System to Predict Maximum Explosive Charge Used Per Delay in Surface MiningKHANDELWAL, M; SINGH, TN
2012Application of TOPSIS method for selecting the most appropriate blast designMONJEZI, M; DEHGHANI, H; SINGH, TN; SAYADI, AR; GHOLINEJAD, A
2008Artificial neural network and liquefaction susceptibility assessment: a case study using the 2001 Bhuj earthquake data, Gujarat, IndiaRAMAKRISHNAN, D; SINGH, TN; PURWAR, N; BARDE, KS; GULATI, A; GUPTA, S
2010Assessment of tunnel instability-a numerical approachVERMA, AK; SINGH, TN
2013CO2 permeability of Indian bituminous coals: Implications for carbon sequestrationVISHAL, V; RANJITH, PG; SINGH, TN
2012Comparative analysis of intelligent algorithms to correlate strength and petrographic properties of some schistose rocksSINGH, TN; VERMA, AK
2005A comparative study of ANN and Neuro-fuzzy for the prediction of dynamic constant of rockmassSINGH, TN; KANCHAN, R; VERMA, AK; SAIGAL, K
2008A comparative study of ann and neuro-fuzzy for the prediction of dynamic constant of rockmass replySINGH, TN; KANCHAN, R; VERMA, AK; SAIGAL, K
2013Comparative study of cognitive systems for ground vibration measurementsVERMA, AK; SINGH, TN
2013A comparative study of generalized regression neural network approach and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems for prediction of unconfined compressive strength of rocksSINGH, R; VISHAL, V; SINGH, TN; RANJITH, PG
2009Correlating static properties of coal measures rocks with P-wave velocityKHANDELWAL, M; SINGH, TN
2012Correlation Between Point Load Index and Uniaxial Compressive Strength for Different Rock TypesSINGH, TN; KAINTHOLA, A; VENKATESH, A
2008A correlation between P-wave velocity, impact strength index, slake durability index and uniaxial compressive strengthSHARMA, PK; SINGH, TN
2011A correlation between Schmidt hammer rebound numbers with impact strength index, slake durability index and P-wave velocitySHARMA, PK; KHANDELWAL, M; SINGH, TN
2015Correlation between Schmidt hardness and coefficient of restitution of rocksANSARI, MK; AHMAD, M; SINGH, R; SINGH, TN
2015Discrete element modelling of conceptual deep geological repository for high-level nuclear waste disposalVERMA, AK; GAUTAM, P; SINGH, TN; BAJPAI, RK
2013Effect of excavation stages on stress and pore pressure changes for an underground nuclear repositoryVERMA, AK; SAINI, MS; SINGH, TN; DUTT, A; BAJPAI, RK
2007Effect of pH on the physico-mechanical properties of marbleSINGH, TN; SHARMA, PK; KHANDELWAL, M
Showing results 1 to 20 of 70
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