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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An accurate higher order displacement model with shear and normal deformations effects for functionally graded platesJHA, DK; KANT, T; SRINIVAS, K; SINGH, RK
2015Analysis of reinforced concrete plates subjected to impact employing the truss-like discrete element methodKOSTESKI, LE; RIERA, JD; ITURRIOZ, I; SINGH, RK; KANT, T
2007Approximate construction of local complex potentials for a time dependent wave packet based treatment of vibrational excitation cross-sections in resonant e-N-2, e-CO and e-H-2 scatteringSINGH, RK; SARMA, M; MISHRA, MK
2015Assessment of empirical formulas for prediction of the effects of projectile impact on concrete structuresKOSTESKI, LE; RIERA, JD; ITURRIOZ, I; SINGH, RK; KANT, T
2007Calculation of vibrational excitation cross-sections in resonant electron-molecule scattering using the time-dependent wave packet (TDWP) approach with application to the (2)Pi CO- Shape resonanceSINGH, RK; SARMA, M; JAIN, A; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2011Characterization and modeling of burr formation in micro-end millingLEKKALA, R; BAJPAI, V; SINGH, RK; JOSHI, SS
2015Characterization and Modeling of Microscale Preplaced Powder Cladding Via Fiber LaserPAUL, S; GUPTA, I; SINGH, RK
2016Contribution of specific work of fracture to size effect in microcuttingPARLE, D; SINGH, RK; JOSHI, SS
2007Development of composite sustainability performance index for steel industrySINGH, RK; MURTY, HR; GUPTA, SK; DIKSHIT, AK
2017Differential role of nonmuscle myosin II isoforms during blebbing of MCF-7 cellsDEY, SK; SINGH, RK; CHATTORAJ, S; SAHA, S; DAS, A; BHATTACHARYYA, K; SENGUPTA, K; SEN, S; JANA, SS
2017Effect of lubrication on machining response and dynamic instability in high-speed micromilling of Ti-6Al-4VMITTAL, RK; KULKARNI, SS; SINGH, RK
2014Effect of oxidative heat-treatment on electrochemical properties and oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) activity of Pd-Co alloy catalystsRAHUL, R; SINGH, RK; NEERGAT, M
2016Effect of Thermal and Material Anisotropy of Pyrolytic Carbon in Vibration-Assisted Micro-EDM ProcessBAJPAI, V; MAHAMBARE, P; SINGH, RK
2010Efficient dicing of silicon ingots for photovoltaic applicationsDONGRE, GG; VESVIKAR, C; SINGH, RK; JOSHI, SS
2012Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Modeling of Hydrodynamic Nanopolishing ProcessMITTAL, R; SINGH, RK; JOSHI, SS
2015Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy of Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) in a Rotating Disk Electrode Configuration: Effect of Ionomer Content and Carbon-SupportSINGH, RK; DEVIVARAPRASAD, R; KAR, T; CHAKRABORTY, A; NEERGAT, M
2009Electronic structure analysis and vertical ionization energies of thiophene and ethynylthiophenesSINGH, RK; MISHRA, MK
2012Experimental characterization of hydrodynamic nanopolishing of flat steel platesJOSHI, M; MORE, S; SINGH, RK; JOSHI, SS; BALASUBRAMANIAM, R; SURI, VK
2010Experimental characterization of the reverse micro-electrodischarge machining process for fabrication of high-aspect-ratio micro-rod arraysMUJUMDAR, SS; MASTUD, SA; SINGH, RK; JOSHI, SS