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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Acoustic-mode-driven electron-phonon coupling in transition-metal diboridesSINGH, PP
2010Comment On "Doping Driven (Pi, 0) Nesting And Magnetic Properties Of Fe(1+X)Te Superconductors''SINGH, PP
2005Compositional disorder and its influence on the structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of MgC(Ni1-xCox)(3) alloys from first principlesJOSEPH, PJT; SINGH, PP
2010Effects of disorder in FeSe: an ab initio studySINGH, PP
2015Electronic properties of excess Cr in FeCrxSe alloyKUMAR, S; SURENDER; SINGH, PP
2007Electronic structure and electron-phonon interaction in hexagonal yttrium by density functional calculationsSINGH, PP
2016Excess of manganese in an iron-based superconductor: a first-principles study of its electronic, magnetic and superconducting propertiesKUMAR, S; SINGH, PP
2006A first-principles comparison of the electronic properties of MgCyNi3 and ZnCyNi3 alloysJOSEPH, PJT; SINGH, PP
2016First-principles study of electronic and magnetic properties of Fe1-xTMxSe0.5Te0.5 alloys (TM equivalent to Cr, Mn, Co, Ni)KUMAR, S; SINGH, PP
2016First-principles study of electronic properties of B and C doped CuNNi3KUMAR, S; SINGH, PP
2006From E-2g to other modes: Effects of pressure on electron-phonon interaction in MgB2SINGH, PP
2007Is Delta pi-gap-only superconductivity possible in Mg1-xAlxB2 and Mg(B1-yCy)(2) alloys?JOSEPH, PJT; SINGH, PP
1996The origins of phase stability in ordered and disordered Ni-Pt alloysSINGH, PP
1996Phase diagram calculations from first-principlesSINGH, PP
2001Role of boron p-electrons and holes in superconducting MgB2, and other diborides: A fully relaxed, full-potential electronic structure studySINGH, PP
2005Role of C in MgCxNi3 investigated from first principlesJOSEPH, PJT; SINGH, PP
2004Theoretical study of electron-phonon interaction in ZrB2 and TaB2SINGH, PP
2016Theoretical study of electronic structure and superconductivity in FeSe0.9-x(Si/Sb)(x) alloysKUMAR, S; SINGH, PP
2002Theoretical study of magnetism and superconductivity in three-dimensional transition-metal-MgB(2) alloysSINGH, PP; JOSEPH, PJT
2003Theoretical study of superconductivity in MgB2 and its alloysSINGH, PP