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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Aggregation induced chirality in a self assembled perylene based hydrogel: application of the intracellular pH measurementSUKUL, PK; SINGH, PK; MAJI, SK; MALIK, S
2017alpha-synuclein aggregation and its modulationGHOSH, D; MEHRA, S; SAHAY, S; SINGH, PK; MAJI, SK
2017Alteration of Structure and Aggregation of alpha-Synuclein by Familial Parkinson's Disease Associated MutationsSAHAY, S; GHOSH, D; SINGH, PK; MAJI, SK
2012Amyloid-Like Fibril Formation by Tachykinin Neuropeptides and Its Relevance to Amyloid beta-Protein Aggregation and ToxicitySINGH, PK; MAJI, SK
2010Applicability of dual layer metal nanocrystal flash memory for NAND 2 or 3-bit/cell operation : understanding the anomalous breakdown and optimization of P/E conditionsSINGH, P; SANDHYA, C; AULUCK, K; BISHT, G; SIVATHEJA, M; HOFMANN, R; MUKHOPADHYAY, G; MAHAPATRA, S; SINGH, PK; BISHT, KAG; SIVATHEJA, M; MUKHOPADHYAY, G; MAHAPATRA, S; HOFMANN, R
2008Au nanocrystal flash memory reliability and failure analysisSINGH, PK; SINGH, KK; HOFMANN, R; ARMSTRONG, K; KRISHNA, N; MAHAPATRA, S
2016Cell Adhesion on Amyloid Fibrils Lacking Integrin Recognition MotifJACOB, RS; GEORGE, E; SINGH, PK; SALOT, S; ANOOP, A; JHA, NN; SEN, S; MAJI, SK
2014Complexation of Amyloid Fibrils with Charged Conjugated PolymersGHOSH, D; DUTTA, P; CHAKRABORTY, C; SINGH, PK; ANOOP, A; JHA, NN; JACOB, RS; MONDAL, M; MANKAR, S; DAS, S; MALIK, S; MAJI, SK
2013Curcumin Modulates alpha-Synuclein Aggregation and ToxicitySINGH, PK; KOTIA, V; GHOSH, D; MOHITE, GM; KUMAR, A; MAJI, SK
2015Cytotoxic Helix-Rich Oligomer Formation by Melittin and Pancreatic PolypeptideSINGH, PK; GHOSH, D; TEWARI, D; MOHITE, GM; CARVALHO, E; JHA, NN; JACOB, RS; SAHAY, S; BANERJEE, R; BERA, AK; MAJI, SK
2007Development of a 3D simulator for metal Nanocrystal (NC) flash memories under NAND operationNAINANI, A; PALIT, S; SINGH, PK; GANGULY, U; KRISHNA, N; VASI, J; MAHAPATRA, S
2009Dual layer Pt metal nanocrystal flash for multi-level-cell NAND applicationSINGH, PK; BISHT, G; MAHAPATRA, S; HOFMANN, R; SINGH, K
2016Effect of curcumin analogs on alpha-synuclein aggregation and cytotoxicityJHA, NN; GHOSH, D; DAS, S; ANOOP, A; JACOB, RS; SINGH, PK; AYYAGARI, N; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN; MAJI, SK
2007Electrostatics and its effect on spatial distribution of tunnel current in metal Nanocrystal flash memoriesNAINANI, ANEESH; ROY, ARUNASHU; SINGH, PK; MUKHOPADHYAY, GAUTAM; VASI, J
2007Extensive reliability analysis of Tungsten dot NC devices embedded in HfAlO high-k dielectric under NAND (FN/FN) operationSINGH, PK; NAINANI, A
2014Fluorene-based chemodosimeter for "turn-on" sensing of cyanide by hampering ESIPT and live cell imagingBERA, MK; CHAKRABORTY, C; SINGH, PK; SAHU, C; SEN, K; MAJI, S; DAS, AK; MALIK, S
2012Functional Genetic Variants of the Catecholamine-Release-Inhibitory Peptide Catestatin in an Indian Population ALLELE-SPECIFIC EFFECTS ON METABOLIC TRAITSSAHU, BS; OBBINENI, JM; SAHU, G; ALLU, PKR; SUBRAMANIAN, L; SONAWANE, PJ; SINGH, PK; SASI, BK; SENAPATI, S; MAJI, SK; BERA, AK; GOMATHI, BS; MULLASARI, AS; MAHAPATRA, NR
2016Implantable amyloid hydrogels for promoting stem cell differentiation to neuronsDAS, S; ZHOU, K; GHOSH, D; JHA, NN; SINGH, PK; JACOB, RS; BERNARD, CC; FINKELSTEIN, DI; FORSYTHE, JS; MAJI, SK
2012In vivo analysis of translation initiation sites in Plasmodium falciparumPATAKOTTU, BR; SINGH, PK; MALHOTRA, P; CHAUHAN, VS; PATANKAR, S