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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Diamond nucleation and growth on zeolitesTITUS, E; SINGH, MK; UNNI, KNN; TYAGI, PK; DUA, AK; ROY, M; MISRA, DS
2004Growth of (100) oriented diamond grains by the application of lateral temperature gradients across silicon substratesTITUS, E; MISRA, DS; SINGH, MK; TYAGI, PK; MISRA, A; LE NORMAND, F; GRACIO, J; ALI, N
2005High-resolution transmission electron microscopy mapping of nickel and cobalt single-crystalline nanorods inside multiwalled carbon nanotubes and chirality calculationsTYAGI, PK; MISRA, A; SINGH, MK; MISRA, DS; GHATAK, J; SATYAM, PV; LE NORMAND, F
2004A new polarised hot filament chemical vapor deposition process for homogeneous diamond nucleation on Si(100)COJOCARU, CS; LARIJANI, M; MISRA, DS; SINGH, MK; VEIS, R; LE NORMAND, F
2003Ni and Ni/Pt filling inside multiwalled carbon nanotubesSINGH, MK; TITUS, E; TYAGI, PK; PALNITKAR, U; MISRA, DS; ROY, M; DUA, AK; COJOCARU, CS; LE NORMAND, F
2004Preparation of Ni-filled carbon nanotubes for key potential applications in nanotechnologyTYAGI, PK; SINGH, MK; MISRA, A; PALNITKAR, U; MISRA, DS; TITUS, E; ALI, N; CABRAL, G; GRACIO, J; ROY, M; KULSHRESHTHA, SK
2005Quantitative analysis of hydrogen in chemical vapor deposited diamond filmsTITUS, E; MISRA, DS; SIKDER, AK; TYAGI, PK; SINGH, MK; MISRA, A; ALI, N; CABRAL, G; NETO, VF; GRACIO, J
2005Single crystalline nickel nanorods inside carbon nanotubes: Growth behavior, structure, and magnetic propertiesTYAGI, PK; MISRA, A; SINGH, MK; TITUS, E; MISRA, DS; GHATAK, J; SATYAM, PV; ROY, M
2006Step growth in single crystal diamond grown by microwave plasma chemical vapor depositionTYAGI, PK; MISRA, A; UNNI, KNN; RAI, P; SINGH, MK; PALNITKAR, U; MISRA, DS; LE NORMAND, F; ROY, M; KULSHRESHTHA, SK
2006Structural damage on multiwalled carbon nanotubes and encapsulated single crystal nickel nanorods irradiated with Au+7 ions of 100 MeVMISRA, A; TYAGI, PK; SINGH, MK; MISRA, DS; GHATAK, J; SATYAM, PV; AVASTHI, DK
2013Syntheses, Structures, Magnetic Properties, and Density Functional Theory Magneto-Structural Correlations of Bis(mu-phenoxo) and Bis(mu-phenoxo)-mu-acetate/Bis(mu-phenoxo)-bis(mu-acetate) Dinuclear (FeNiII)-Ni-III CompoundsHAZRA, S; BHATTACHARYA, S; SINGH, MK; CARRELLA, L; RENTSCHLER, E; WEYHERMUELLER, T; RAJARAMAN, G; MOHANTA, S
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11


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