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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015An Adaptive General Four-Component Scattering Power Decomposition With Unitary Transformation of Coherency Matrix (AG4U)BHATTACHARYA, A; SINGH, G; MANICKAM, S; YAMAGUCHI, Y
2017Analysis of seasonal effects on forest parameter estimation of Indian deciduous forest using TerraSAR-X PolInSAR acquisitionsKHATI, U; SINGH, G; FERRO-FAMIL, L
2012Application of incoherent target decomposition theorems to classify snow cover over the Himalayan regionSINGH, G; VENKATARAMAN, G
2007Biodegradation of distillery spent wash in anaerobic hybrid reactorKUMAR, GS; GUPTA, SK; SINGH, G
2014Capability Assessment of Fully Polarimetric ALOS-PALSAR data for Discriminating Wet Snow from Other Scattering Types in Mountainous RegionsSINGH, G; VENKATARAMAN, G; YAMAGUCHI, Y; PARK, SE
2014Categorization of the Glaciated Terrain of Indian Himalaya Using CP and FP Mode SARSINGH, G; YAMAGUCHI, Y; PARK, SE; BOERNER, WM; CUI, Y; VENKATARAMAN, G
2013Characterization of hydroxyapatite coating by pulse laser deposition technique on stainless steel 316 L by varying laser energyKHANDELWAL, H; SINGH, G; AGRAWAL, K; PRAKASH, S; AGARWAL, RD
2015Coordination in a multiple producers-distributor supply chain and the value of informationTHOMAS, A; KRISHNAMOORTHY, M; SINGH, G; VENKATESWARAN, J
2016Decentralised decision-making in a multi-party supply chainTHOMAS, A; KRISHNAMOORTHY, M; VENKATESWARAN, J; SINGH, G
2015Development of a snow wetness inversion algorithm using polarimetric scattering power decomposition modelSURENDAR, M; BHATTACHARYA, A; SINGH, G; YAMAGUCHI, Y; VENKATARAMAN, G
2013Distributed optimisation method for multi-resource constrained scheduling in coal supply chainsTHOMAS, A; SINGH, G; KRISHNAMOORTHY, M; VENKATESWARAN, J
2014Effect of substrate and subphase conditions on the surface morphology of graphene oxide sheets prepared by Langmuir-Blodgett techniqueBOTCHA, VD; NARAYANAM, PK; SINGH, G; TALWAR, SS; SRINIVASA, RS; MAJOR, SS
2012Electronic structure of graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide monolayersSUTAR, DS; SINGH, G; BOTCHA, VD
2006ENVISAT-ASAR data analysis for snow cover mapping over gangotri region - art. no. 641007RAO, YS; VENKATARAMAN, G; SINGH, G
2007ENVISAT-ASAR single polarized SLC data analysis for the study of snow pack characteristics - art. no. 667716SINGH, G; KUMAR, V; MOHITE, K; VENKATRAMAN, G; RAO, YS; SNEHMANI
2017Estimation of Snow Surface Dielectric Constant From Polarimetric SAR DataMANICKAM, S; BHATTACHARYA, A; SINGH, G; YAMAGUCHI, Y
2006An evolutionary approach for multi-pass turning operationsSINGH, G; CHOUDHARY, AK; KARUNAKARAN, KP; TIWARI, MK
2007Feasibility of various remote sensing data for mapping snow cover area around Gangotri Glacier - art. no. 67872EMOHITE, K; SINGH, G; VENKATARAMAN, G
2013Finite Element Modeling of Laser-Assisted Machining of AISI D2 Tool SteelSINGH, G; TELI, M; SAMANTA, A; SINGH, R
2010Fully polarimetric alos palsar data applications for snow and ice studiesVENKATARAMAN, G; SINGH, G; YAMAGUCHI, Y