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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Application of Intelligent Compaction Technology for Estimation of Effective Modulus for a Multilayered Asphalt PavementSINGH, D; BEAINY, F; COMMURI, S; ZAMAN, M
2016Comparison of laboratory performance of asphalt mixes containing different proportions of RAS and RAPGHABCHI, R; BARMAN, M; SINGH, D; ZAMAN, M; MUBARAKI, MA
2017Comparison of moisture and fracture damage resistance of hot and warm asphalt mixes containing reclaimed pavement materialsSINGH, D; CHITRAGAR, SF; ASHISH, PK
2017Comparison of Shape Parameters and Laboratory Performance of Coarse Aggregates Produced from Different Types of Crushing OperationsRAJAN, B; SINGH, D
2016Comparison of Wilhelmy plate and Sessile drop methods to rank moisture damage susceptibility of asphalt - Aggregates combinationsHABAL, A; SINGH, D
2015Effect of Shape Parameters and Gradation on Laboratory-Measured Permeability of Aggregate BasesGHABCHI, R; ZAMAN, M; KAZMEE, H; SINGH, D
2013Effect of ZnO buffer layer thickness on the epitaxial growth of GaN by reactive magnetron sputteringMOHANTA, P; SINGH, D; KUMAR, R; GANGULI, T; SRINIVASA, RS; MAJOR, SS
2016Enhancing Rutting Prediction of the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide by Using Data from a Field Test Section in OklahomaHOSSAIN, N; SINGH, D; ZAMAN, M
2013Esterification of Oleic Acid with Glycerol in the Presence of Supported Zinc Oxide as CatalystSINGH, D; PATIDAR, P; GANESH, A; MAHAJANI, S
2017Evaluating effectiveness of WMA additives for SBS modified binder based on viscosity, Superpave PG, rutting and fatigue performanceKATAWARE, AV; SINGH, D
2017Evaluating Performance of PPA-and-Elvaloy-Modified Binder Containing WMA Additives and Lime Using MSCR and LAS TestsSINGH, D; ASHISH, PK; KATAWARE, A; HABAL, A
2016Evaluation of rutting, fatigue and moisture damage performance of nanoclay modified asphalt binderASHISH, PK; SINGH, D; BOHM, S
2015Heterogeneous catalysis for biodiesel synthesis and valorization of glycerolSINGH, D; GANESH, A; MAHAJANI, S
2017High resolution x-ray diffraction study of the substrate temperature and thickness dependent microstructure of reactively sputtered epitaxial ZnO filmsSINGH, D; KUMAR, R; GANGULI, T; MAJOR, SS
2013In-Vivo Efficacy of Compliant 3D Nano-Composite in Critical-Size Bone Defect Repair: a Six Month Preclinical Study in RabbitSAGAR, N; PANDEY, AK; GURBANI, D; KHAN, K; SINGH, D; CHAUDHARI, BP; SONI, VP; CHATTOPADHYAY, N; DHAWAN, A; BELLARE, JR
2016Influence of RAP sources and proportions on fracture and low temperature cracking performance of polymer modified binderSINGH, D; GIRIMATH, S
2016Influence of RAP sources and proportions on fracture and low temperature cracking performance of polymer modified binder (vol 120, pg 10, 2016)SINGH, D; GIRIMATH, S
2016Investigation of rheological properties and Superpave PG of PMB mixed with reclaimed asphalt pavement bindersSINGH, D; GIRIMATH, S
2017Investigation of rutting, fracture and thermal cracking behavior of asphalt mastic containing basalt and hydrated lime fillersDAS, AK; SINGH, D
2017Investigation on influence of nanoclay addition on rheological performance of asphalt binderASHISH, PK; SINGH, D; BOHM, S