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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Ab initio Hartree-Fock Born effective charges of LiH, LiF, LiCl, NaF, and NaClSHUKLA, A
2002Ab initio many-body calculations of static dipole polarizabilities of linear carbon chains and chainlike boron clustersABDURAHMAN, A; SHUKLA, A; SEIFERT, G
2002Ab initio many-body calculations on infinite carbon and boron-nitrogen chainsABDURAHMAN, A; SHUKLA, A; DOLG, M
2006Ab initio real-space Hartree-Fock and correlated approach to optical dielectric constants of crystalline insulatorsSONY, P; SHUKLA, A
2008Ab initio Wannier-function-based correlated calculations of Born effective charges of crystalline Li(2)O and LiClSONY, P; SHUKLA, A
2004Ab initio Wannier-function-based many-body approach to Born charges of crystalline insulatorsSONY, P; SHUKLA, A
2012Control of dc capacitor voltages in diode-clamped multilevel inverter using bidirectional buck-boost choppersSHUKLA, A; GHOSH, A; JOSHI, A
2002Correlated theory of triplet photoinduced absorption in phenylene-vinylene chainsSHUKLA, A
2014Dielectric relaxation and thermal studies on dispersed phase polymer nanocomposite filmsSHUKLA, N; THAKUR, AK; SHUKLA, A; CHATTERJEE, R
2015Edge configurational effect on band gaps in graphene nanoribbonsDEEPIKA; KUMAR, TJD; SHUKLA, A; KUMAR, R
2014Effect of manganese on thermal, structural and magnetic properties of lanthanum modified lead titanate nanoceramicsSHUKLA, A; SHUKLA, N; CHOUDHARY, RNP; CHATTERJEE, R
2014Electron correlations and two-photon states in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon molecules: A peculiar role of geometryARYANPOUR, K; SHUKLA, A; MAZUMDAR, S
2010Energetics and electronic structure of phenyl-disubstituted polyacetylene: A first-principles studySONY, P; SHUKLA, A; AMBROSCH-DRAXL, C
2012A Fortran 90 Hartree-Fock program for one-dimensional periodic pi-conjugated systems using Pariser-Parr-Pople modelKONDAYYA, G; SHUKLA, A
2009Fortran 90 implementation of the Hartree-Fock approach within the CNDO/2 and INDO modelsSAHU, S; SHUKLA, A
2010A general purpose Fortran 90 electronic structure program for conjugated systems using Pariser-Parr-Pople modelSONY, P; SHUKLA, A
2014Genome Segregation and Packaging Machinery in Acanthamoeba polyphaga Mimivirus Is Reminiscent of Bacterial ApparatusCHELIKANI, V; RANJAN, T; ZADE, A; SHUKLA, A; KONDABAGIL, K
2014Ion Conduction Mechanism in Solid Polymer Electrolyte: An Applicability of Almond-West FormalismSHUKLA, N; THAKUR, AK; SHUKLA, A; MARX, DT
2015Ion transport study in polymer-nanocomposite films by dielectric spectroscopy and conductivity scalingTRIPATHI, N; THAKUR, AK; SHUKLA, A; MARX, DT
2007Kinetically balanced Gaussian basis-set approach to relativistic Compton profiles of atomsJAISWAL, P; SHUKLA, A