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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Correlation of soft magnetic properties with free volume and medium range ordering in metallic glasses probed by fluctuation microscopy and positron annihilation techniqueSRIVASTAVA, AP; SRIVASTAVA, D; SUDARSHAN, K; SHARMA, SK; PUJARI, PK; MAJUMDAR, B; SURESH, KG; DEY, GK
2012Defect profiling in organic semiconductor multilayersMAHESHWARI, P; PUJARI, PK; SHARMA, SK; SUDARSHAN, K; DUTTA, D; SAMANTA, S; SINGH, A; ASWAL, DK; KUMAR, RA; SAMAJDAR, I
2006A GIS based transportation model for solid waste disposal – A case study on Asansol municipalityGHOSE, MK; DIKSHIT, ANIL KUMAR; SHARMA, SK
2015Is Single-4-Ring the Most Basic but Elusive Secondary Building Unit That Transforms to Larger Structures in Zinc Phosphate Chemistry?DAR, AA; SHARMA, SK; MURUGAVEL, R
2006Plate-concrete interfacial bond strength of FRP and metallic plated concrete specimensSHARMA, SK; ALI, MSM; GOLDAR, D; SIKDAR, PK
2015Post-treatment and reuse of secondary effluents using natural Itreatment systems: the Indian practicesKUMAR, D; ASOLEKAR, SR; SHARMA, SK
2015Sewage-fed aquaculture: a sustainable approach for wastewater treatment and reuseKUMAR, D; CHATURVEDI, MKM; SHARMA, SK; ASOLEKAR, SR
2013Understanding microstructural evolution and soft magnetic properties in nanocrystallized metallic glass Fe68.5Cu1Nb3Si18.5B9SRIVASTAVA, AP; SRIVASTAVA, D; SHARMA, SK; PUJARI, PK; SURESH, KG; DEY, GK
2016Zinc Dialkylhydroxybenzoates with Unusual Structures: First Example of a Discrete Three-Blade Paddle-Wheel and a Solvent Engulfed Coordination PolymerVISHNOI, P; SHARMA, SK; KALEESWARAN, D; MURUGAVEL, R