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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Developing novel models using neural networks and fuzzy systems for the prediction of strength of rocks from key geomechanical propertiesSHARMA, LK; VISHAL, V; SINGH, TN
2017Estimation of petrographic factors of Deccan basalt using petro-physico-mechanical propertiesAHMAD, M; ANSARI, MK; SINGH, R; SHARMA, LK; SINGH, TN
2017Evaluating the modulus of elasticity of soil using soft computing systemSHARMA, LK; SINGH, R; UMRAO, RK; SHARMA, KM; SINGH, TN
2016Investigations and stability analyses of Malin village landslide of Pune district, Maharashtra, IndiaSINGH, TN; SINGH, R; SINGH, B; SHARMA, LK; SINGH, R; ANSARI, MK
2017Parametric study of factors affecting fluid flow through a fractureSHARMA, KM; ROY, DG; SINGH, PK; SHARMA, LK; SINGH, TN
2017Pliocene Indonesian Throughflow change and planktic foraminiferal diversity in the eastern subtropical Indian OceanRAI, AK; PATHAK, VK; SHARMA, LK; HUSSAIN, A
2017Predicting CO2 permeability of bituminous coal using statistical and adaptive neuro-fuzzy analysisSHARMA, LK; VISHAL, V; SINGH, TN
2017Prediction of geomechanical parameters using soft computing and multiple regression approachSINGH, R; UMRAO, RK; AHMAD, M; ANSARI, MK; SHARMA, LK; SINGH, TN
2017Soil slope instability along a strategic road corridor in Meghalaya, north-eastern IndiaUMRAO, RK; SINGH, R; SHARMA, LK; SINGH, TN
2017Stability Investigation of Hill Cut Soil Slopes along National Highway 222 at Malshej Ghat, MaharashtraSHARMA, LK; UMRAO, RK; SINGH, R; AHMAD, M; SINGH, TN