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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013800-nA Process-and-Voltage-Invariant 106-dB PSRR PTAT Current ReferenceAMARAVATI, A; DAVE, M; BAGHINI, MS; SHARMA, DK
2009Benchmarking the device performance at SUB 22 NM node technologies using an SOC frameworkSHRIVASTAVA, M; VERMA, B; BAGHINI, MS; RUSS, C; SHARMA, DK; GOSSNER, H; RAO, VR
2015Bioactive Polymersomes Self-Assembled from Amphiphilic.PPO-GlycoPolypeptides: Synthesis, Characterization, and Dual-Dye EncapsulationDAS, S; SHARMA, DK; CHAKRABARTY, S; CHOWDHURY, A; SEN GUPTA, S
1997Charge trapping behaviour in deposited and grown thin metal-oxide-semiconductor gate dielectricsRAO, VR; HANSCH, W; BAUMGARTNER, H; EISELE, I; SHARMA, DK; VASI, J; GRABOLLA, T
2013Comparison among different algorithms in classifying explosives using OFETsSURYA, SG; DUDHE, RS; SALURU, D; KOORA, BK; SHARMA, DK; RAO, VR
2012Current Excitation Method for Delta R Measurement in Piezo-Resistive Sensors With a 0.3-ppm ResolutionGILDA, NA; NAG, S; PATIL, S; BAGHINI, MS; SHARMA, DK; RAO, VR
2013Design of large dynamic range, low-power, high-precision ROIC for quantum dot infrared photo-detectorGUPTA, HS; KUMAR, ASK; CHAKRABARTI, S; PAUL, S; PARMAR, RM; SAMUDRAIAH, DRM; BAGHINI, MS; SHARMA, DK
2002Determination of semiconductor resistance under a contactAHMAD, M; SHAH, AP; SHARMA, DK; ROY, NR; ARORA, BM
1998Device simulation for radiation and hot carrier effectsSHARMA, DK; EKBOTE, S; ZAMAN, P; SUBBARAMAN, S; DAS, A; VASI, J
2015Europium-doped LaF3 nanocrystals with organic 9-oxidophenalenone capping ligands that display visible light excitable steady-state blue and time-delayed red emissionIRFANULLAH, M; SHARMA, DK; CHULLIYIL, R; CHOWDHURY, A
2004Evaluation of pausible clocking for interfacing high speed IP cores in GALS frameworkMEKIE, JOYCEE; CHAKRABORTY, SUPRATIK; SHARMA, DK
2005Evaluation of the impact of layout on device and analog circuit performance with lateral asymmetric channel MOSFETsPATIL, MB; VINAY KUMAR, D; NARASIMHULU, K; REDDY, PS; BAGHINI, MS; SHARMA, DK; RAMGOPAL RAO, V
2005Evaluation of the impact of layout on device and analog circuit performance with lateral asymmetric channel MOSFETsKUMAR, DV; NARASIMHULU, K; REDDY, PS; SHOJAEI-BAGHINI, M; SHARMA, DK; PATIL, MB; RAO, VR
2015Fluorescent probes for the detection of cyanide ions in aqueous medium: cellular uptake and assay for beta-glucosidase and hydroxynitrile lyaseAGARWALLA, H; GANGOPADHYAY, M; SHARMA, DK; BASU, SK; JADHAV, S; CHOWDHURY, A; DAS, A
2015A Fully On-Chip PT-Invariant TransconductorAMARAVATI, A; DAVE, M; BAGHINI, MS; SHARMA, DK
2008Gate fringe-induced barrier lowering in underlap FinFET structures and its optimizationSACHID, AB; MANOJ, CR; SHARMA, DK; RAO, VR
1997High-field stressing of LPCVD gate oxidesRAMGOPAL RAO, V; EISELE, I; PATRIKAR, RM; SHARMA, DK; GRABOLLA, T; VASI, J
2009Highly robust nanoscale planar double-Gate MOSFET Device and SRAM cell immune to Gate-misalignment and process variationsSACHID, AB; KULKARNI, GS; BAGHINI, MS; SHARMA, DK; RAO, VR
1998HOTMOS : a 2-D MOS device simulator for hot carrier effectsSUBBARAMAN, S; SHARMA, DK; VASI, J; DAS, A