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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Atomic Layer Deposited Molybdenum Nitride Thin Film: A Promising Anode Material for Li Ion BatteriesNANDI, DK; SEN, UK; CHOUDHURY, D; MITRA, S; SARKAR, SK
2014Atomic Layer Deposited MoS2 as a Carbon and Binder Free Anode in Li-ion BatteryNANDI, DK; SEN, UK; CHOUDHURY, D; MITRA, S; SARKAR, SK
2015Atomic layer deposited tungsten nitride thin films as a new lithium-ion battery anodeNANDI, DK; SEN, UK; SINHA, S; DHARA, A; MITRA, S; SARKAR, SK
2016Cardanol benzoxazine-Sulfur Copolymers for Li-S batteries: Symbiosis of Sustainability and PerformanceSHUKLA, S; GHOSH, A; SEN, UK; ROY, PK; MITRA, S; LOCHAB, B
2012Electrochemical activity of alpha-MoO3 nano-belts as lithium-ion battery cathodeSEN, UK; MITRA, S
2014Excellent electrochemical performance of tin monosulphide (SnS) as a sodium-ion battery anodeDUTTA, PK; SEN, UK; MITRA, S
2014An experimental and computational study to understand the lithium storage mechanism in molybdenum disulfideSEN, UK; JOHARI, P; BASU, S; NAYAK, C; MITRA, S
2013High-Rate and High-Energy-Density Lithium-Ion Battery Anode Containing 2D MoS2 Nanowall and Cellulose BinderSEN, UK; MITRA, S
2014Improved electrode fabrication method to enhance performance and stability of MoS2-based lithium-ion battery anodeSEN, UK; MITRA, S
2014Intercalation Anode Material for Lithium Ion Battery Based on Molybdenum DioxideSEN, UK; SHALIGRAM, A; MITRA, S
2016Intercalation based tungsten disulfide (WS2) Li-ion battery anode grown by atomic layer depositionNANDI, DK; SEN, UK; DHARA, A; MITRA, S; SARKAR, SK