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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Changes in Effective Thermal Conductivity During the Carbothermic Reduction of Magnetite Using GraphiteKIAMEHR, S; AHMED, H; VISWANATHAN, N; SEETHARAMAN, S
2011Evaluating the Diffusion Coefficient of Sulfur in Low-Silica CaO-SiO(2)-Al(2)O(3) SlagMUHMOOD, L; VISWANATHAN, NN; IWASE, M; SEETHARAMAN, S
2016Gas-Solid Reaction Route toward the Production of Intermetallics from Their Corresponding Oxide MixturesAHMED, H; MORALES-ESTRELLA, R; VISWANATHAN, N; SEETHARAMAN, S
2000Interfacial phenomena in some slag-metal reactionsJAKOBSSON, A; VISWANATHAN, NN; DU, SC; SEETHARAMAN, S
2000Investigation on reduction of CoAl2O4 by hydrogen gas using TGABUSTNES, JA; VISWANATHAN, NN; SICHEN, DU; SEETHARAMAN, S
2009Modeling of Reactions between Gas Bubble and Molten Metal Bath-Experimental Validation in the Case of Decarburization of Fe-Cr-C meltsWANG, HJ; VISWANATHAN, NN; BALLAL, NB; SEETHARAMAN, S
2010Modelling of Physico-Chemical Phenomena between Gas inside a Bubble and Liquid Metal during Injection of Oxidant GasWANG, HJ; VISWANATHAN, NN; BALLAL, NB; SEETHARAMAN, S
2011A Proposal for a Novel Method to Measure the Diffusivity of Species in SlagMUHMOOD, L; VISWANATHAN, NN; SEETHARAMAN, S
2016Some Aspects of Interfacial Phenomena in Steelmaking and RefiningWANG, LJ; VISWANATHAN, NN; MUHMOOD, L; KAPILASHRAMI, E; SEETHARAMAN, S
2011Some Investigations into the Dynamic Mass Transfer at the Slag-Metal Interface Using Sulfur: Concept of Interfacial VelocityMUHMOOD, L; VISWANATHAN, NN; SEETHARAMAN, S
2012Studies of dynamic mass transfer at the slag-metal interface - Interfacial velocity measurementsMUHMOOD, L; VISWANATHAN, NN; SEETHARAMAN, S
2001Viscosity measurements on some fayalite slagsVISWANATHAN, NN; JI, FZ; SICHEN, D; SEETHARAMAN, S