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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20163D Oxidized Graphene Frameworks for Efficient Nano SievingPAWAR, PB; SAXENA, S; BADHE, DK; CHAUDHARY, RP; SHUKLA, S
2016Double Negativity in 3D Space Coiling MetamaterialsMAURYA, SK; PANDEY, A; SHUKLA, S; SAXENA, S
2016Graphene oxide - Polyvinyl alcohol nanocomposite based electrode material for supercapacitorsPAWAR, PB; SHUKLA, S; SAXENA, S
2016Hydrogen generation via photoelectrochemical water splitting using chemically exfoliated MoS2 layersJOSHI, RK; SHUKLA, S; SAXENA, S; LEE, GH; SAHAJWALLA, V; ALWARAPPAN, S
2017Localized polymerization using single photon photoinitiators in two photon process for fabricating subwavelength structuresUMMETHALA, G; JAISWAL, A; CHAUDHARY, RP; HAWAL, S; SAXENA, S; SHUKLA, S
2015Looking beyond single electron extraction in cathode materials for lithium ion batteriesSANKHE, AS; SAXENA, S; SHRIVASTAVA, P; SHUKLA, S
2016One-step, subwavelength patterning of plasmonic gratings in metal-polymer compositesCHAUDHARY, RP; UMMETHALA, G; JAISWAL, A; HAWAL, S; SAXENA, S; SHUKLA, S
2016Optical properties of staneneCHAUDHARY, RP; SAXENA, S; SHUKLA, S
2017Photoluminescence properties of Gd:ZnO nano phosphorRANI, S; LAL, B; SAXENA, S; SHUKLA, S
2014Plasmonic Micro Lens for Extraordinary Transmission of Broadband LightSAXENA, S; CHAUDHARY, RP; SINGH, A; AWASTHI, S; SHUKLA, S
2017Quantification of Adsorption of Azo Dye Molecules on Graphene Oxide Using Optical SpectroscopyCHAUDHARY, RP; PAWAR, PB; VAIBHAV, K; SAXENA, S; SHUKLA, S
2016Stanene: Atomically Thick Free-standing Layer of 2D Hexagonal TinSAXENA, S; CHAUDHARY, RP; SHUKLA, S
2016Synthesis of self-assembled large area films of complex hierarchical PZT clustersCHAUDHARY, RP; SAXENA, S; KMAR, A; BHARADWAJ, R; SHUKLA, S