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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Analytical calculation of matter effects in two mass-scale neutrino oscillationsNARAYAN, M; SANKAR, SU
2004Atmospheric neutrinos as a probe of CPT violationDATTA, A; GANDHI, R; MEHTA, P; SANKAR, SU
1997Atmospheric neutrinos with three flavor mixingNARAYAN, M; RAJASEKARAN, G; SANKAR, SU
2005Bounds on neutrino masses from leptogenesis in type-II seesaw modelsSAHU, N; SANKAR, SU
2001Determining the sign of Delta(31) at long baseline neutrino experimentsNARAYAN, M; SANKAR, SU
2011Do Two Flavour Oscillations Explain both KamLAND Data and the Solar Neutrino Spectrum?KORANGA, BS; NARAYAN, M; SANKAR, SU
2006Earth matter effects at very long baselines and the neutrino mass hierarchyGANDHI, R; GHOSHAL, P; GOSWAMI, S; MEHTA, P; SANKAR, SU
2012Getting the best out of T2K and NO nu APRAKASH, S; RAUT, SK; SANKAR, SU
2008Large forward-backward asymmetry in B -> K mu(+) mu(-) from new physics tensor operatorsALOK, AK; DIGHE, A; SANKAR, SU
2005Large matter effects in nu(mu)->nu(tau) oscillationsGANDHI, R; GHOSHAL, P; GOSWAMI, S; MEHTA, P; SANKAR, SU
2004Long baseline neutrino experimentsSANKAR, SU
2007Mass hierarchy determination via future atmospheric neutrino detectorsGANDHI, R; GHOSHAL, P; GOSWAMI, S; MEHTA, P; SANKAR, SU; SHALGAR, S
2000Matter effects at long baseline experimentsNARAYAN, M; SANKAR, SU
2015Muonless events in ICAL at INOAJMI, A; SANKAR, SU
2014The need for an early anti-neutrino run of NOvAPRAKASH, S; RAHAMAN, U; SANKAR, SU
2012Neutrino Mass Hierarchy and Octant Determination with Atmospheric NeutrinosBARGER, V; GANDHI, R; GHOSHAL, P; GOSWAMI, S; MARFATIA, D; PRAKASH, S; RAUT, SK; SANKAR, SU
2007New physics upper bound on the branching ratio of B-s -> l(+)l(-)gammaALOK, AK; SANKAR, SU
2015New-physics signals of a model with a vector-singlet up-type quarkALOK, AK; BANERJEE, S; KUMAR, D; SANKAR, SU; LONDON, D
2001One-pion events by atmospheric neutrinos: A three-flavor analysisBALAJI, KRS; RAJASEKARAN, G; SANKAR, SU