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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007An 802.11 based MAC protocol for providing QoS to real time applicationsMISHRA, MAYANK; SAHOO, ANIRUDHA
2006A contention window based differentiation mechanism for providing QoS in wireless LANsMISHRA, MAYANK; SAHOO, ANIRUDHA
2008DGRAM: a delay guaranteed routing and MAC protocol for wireless sensor networksCHILUKURI, SHANTI; SAHOO, ANIRUDHA
2008Distributed PC based routers: bottleneck analysis and architecture proposalKHAN, AJ; BIRKE, R; MANJUNATH, D; SAHOO, ANIRUDHA; BIANCO, A
2007An efficient call admission control for IEEE 802.16 networksSARAT, CHANDRA; SAHOO, ANIRUDHA
2007An energy efficient MAC in wireless sensor networks to provide delay guaranteeSAHOO, ANIRUDHA; BARONIA, PRASHANT
2006Intelligent Query Tree (IQT) protocol to improve RFID tag read efficiencyBHANDARI, NAVAL; SAHOO, ANIRUDHA; IYER, SRIDHAR
2007Intelligent vehicular transportation system (InVeTraS)GUMASTE, ASHWIN; SINGHAI, RAHUL; SAHOO, ANIRUDHA
2006A local coefficient based load sensitive routing protocol for providing QoSTIWARI, ANUNAY; SAHOO, ANIRUDHA
2005Providing QoS support in OSPF based best effort networkTIWARI, ANUNAY; SAHOO, ANIRUDHA
2007Revisiting WFQ: minimum packet lengths tighten delay and fairness boundsSAHOO, ANIRUDHA; MANJUNATH, D
2007S-OSPF: a traffic engineering solution for OSPF based best effort networksSAHOO, ANIRUDHA; MISHRA, ADITYA KUMAR
2009Trie partitioning in distributed PC based routersATHAIDE, NOEL; KHAN, AZEEM; MANJUNATH, D; SAHOO, ANIRUDHA