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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Channel modeling based on interference temperature in underlay cognitive wireless networksSHARMA, M; SAHOO, A; NAYAK, KD
2007Channel selection under interference temperature model in multi-hop cognitive Mesh networksSHARMA, M; SAHOO, A; NAYAKO, KD
2009Characterizing the exit process of a non-saturated IEEE 802.11 wireless networkRATHOD, P; DABEER, O; SAHOO, A; KARANDIKAR, A
2010DGRAM: A Delay Guaranteed Routing and MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworksSHANTI, C; SAHOO, A
2008Distributed PC based routers : bottleneck analysis and architecture proposalKHAN, AJ; BIRKE, R; MANJUNATH, D; SAHOO, A; BIANCO, A
2012Dynamic Resource Management Using Virtual Machine MigrationsMISHRA, M; DAS, A; KULKARNI, P; SAHOO, A
2005An efficient call admission control for hard real time communication in differentiated services networkBARONIA, P; SAHOO, A
2007An energy efficient MAC in wireless sensor networks to provide delay guaranteeSAHOO, A; BARONIA, P
2009Model-based opportunistic channel access in Dynamic spectrum access networksSHARMA, M; SAHOO, A; NAYAK, KD
2007Providing QoS in OSPF based best effort network using load sensitive routingTIWARI, A; SAHOO, A
2010Residual white space distribution-based opportunistic channel access for cognitive radio enabled devicesSHARMA, M; SAHOO, A
2014Stochastic Model Based Opportunistic Channel Access in Dynamic Spectrum Access NetworksSHARMA, M; SAHOO, A
2009Towards the performance analysis of IEEE 802.16 backbone Mesh networksRATHOD, P; DABEER, O; KARANDIKAR, A; SAHOO, A