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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Application of land use regression modelling to assess the spatial distribution of road traffic noise in three European citiesAGUILERA, I; FORASTER, M; BASAGAA, X; CORRADI, E; DELTELL, A; MORELLI, X; PHULERIA, HC; RAGETTLI, MS; RIVERA, M; THOMASSON, A; SLAMA, R; KUNZLI, N
2009Chaotic Synchronization under Unidirectional Coupling: Numerics and ExperimentsCRUZ, JM; RIVERA, M; PARMANANDA, P
2013Conjugate feedback induced suppression and generation of oscillations in the Chua circuit: Experiments and simulationsMANDAL, T; SINGLA, T; RIVERA, M; PARMANANDA, P
2013Construction of Arnold tongue structures for coupled periodic oscillatorsMONTOYA, F; RIVERA, M; ESCALONA, J; PARMANANDA, P
2012Effect of the Volume-to-Surface Ratio of Cultures on Escherichia coli Growth: An Experimental and Theoretical AnalysisMARTINEZ, H; BUHSE, T; RIVERA, M; AYALA, G; PARMANANDA, P; SANCHEZ, J
2012Endogenous CO2 may inhibit bacterial growth and induce virulence gene expression in enteropathogenic Escherichia coliMARTINEZ, H; BUHSE, T; RIVERA, M; PARMANANDA, P; AYALA, G; SANCHEZ, J
2015Inducing rotational motion in the mercury beating heart systemOCAMPO-ESPINDOLA, JL; RAMIREZ-ALVAREZ, E; MONTOYA, F; PARMANANDA, P; RIVERA, M
2016Intrinsic periodic and aperiodic stochastic resonance in an electrochemical cellTIWARI, I; PHOGAT, R; PARMANANDA, P; OCAMPO-ESPINDOLA, JL; RIVERA, M
2014Reversing the stability of fixed points to generate oscillations in electrochemical systems: Simulations and experimentsMONTOYA, F; RIVERA, M; PARMANANDA, P
2014Spatio-temporal variation of urban ultrafine particle number concentrationsRAGETTLI, MS; DUCRET-STICH, RE; FORASTER, M; MORELLI, X; AGUILERA, I; BASAGANA, X; CORRADI, E; INEICHEN, A; TSAI, MY; PROBST-HENSCH, N; RIVERA, M; SLAMA, R; KUNZLI, N; PHULERIA, HC
2010Suppression and generation of rhythms in conjugately coupled nonlinear systemsDASGUPTA, M; RIVERA, M; PARMANANDA, P
2016Synchronization using environmental coupling in mercury beating heart oscillatorsSINGLA, T; MONTOYA, F; RIVERA, M; TAJIMA, S; NAKABAYASHI, S; PARMANANDA, P