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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Aerosol lofting from sea breeze during the Indian Ocean ExperimentVERMA, S; BOUCHER, O; VENKATARAMAN, C; REDDY, MS; MULLER, D; CHAZETTE, P; CROUZILLE, B
2002Aerosol size and chemical characteristics at Mumbai, India, during the INDOEX-IFP (1999)VENKATARAMAN, C; REDDY, CK; JOSSON, S; REDDY, MS
2013Analysis of Lasing in Dye-Doped Photonic CrystalsREDDY, MS; KEDIA, S; VIJAYA, R; RAY, AK; SINHA, S; RUKHLENKO, ID; PREMARATNE, M
2000Atmospheric optical and radiative effects of anthropogenic aerosol constituents from IndiaREDDY, MS; VENKATARAMAN, C
1999Direct radiative forcing from anthropogenic carbonaceous aerosols over IndiaREDDY, MS; VENKATARAMAN, C
2003DMS atmospheric concentrations and sulphate aerosol indirect radiative forcing: a sensitivity study to the DMS source representation and oxidationBOUCHER, O; MOULIN, C; BELVISO, S; AUMONT, O; BOPP, L; COSME, E; VON KUHLMANN, R; LAWRENCE, MG; PHAM, M; REDDY, MS; SCIARE, J; VENKATARAMAN, C
2004General circulation model estimates of aerosol transport and radiative forcing during the Indian Ocean ExperimentREDDY, MS; BOUCHER, O; VENKATARAMAN, C; VERMA, S; LEON, JF; BELLOUIN, N; PHAM, M
2002Inventory of aerosol and sulphur dioxide emissions from India. Part II - biomass combustionREDDY, MS; VENKATARAMAN, C
2002Inventory of aerosol and sulphur dioxide emissions from India: I - Fossil fuel combustionREDDY, MS; VENKATARAMAN, C
2013Low-threshold lasing in active opal photonic crystalsREDDY, MS; VIJAYA, R; RUKHLENKO, ID; PREMARATNE, M
2014Low-threshold lasing in photonic-crystal heterostructuresREDDY, MS; VIJAYA, R; RUKHLENKO, ID; PREMARATNE, M
2006A neural network controller for the path tracking control of a hopping robot involving time delaysCHAITANYA, VSK; REDDY, MS
2003Optical properties of the Indo-Asian haze layer over the tropical Indian OceanFRANKE, K; ANSMANN, A; MULLER, D; ALTHAUSEN, D; VENKATARAMAN, C; REDDY, MS; WAGNER, F; SCHEELE, R
2006Seasonal and interannual variability in absorbing aerosols over India derived from TOMS: Relationship to regional meteorology and emissionsHABIB, G; VENKATARAMAN, C; CHIAPELLO, I; RAMACHANDRAN, S; BOUCHER, O; REDDY, MS
2012Spatial and spectral distributions of emission from dye-doped photonic crystals in reflection and transmission geometriesREDDY, MS; VIJAYA, R; RUKHLENKO, ID; PREMARATNE, M