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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Classification of Melodic Motifs in Raga Music with Time-series MatchingRAO, P; ROSS, JC; GANGULI, KK; PANDIT, V; ISHWAR, V; BELLUR, A; MURTHY, HA
2012Classification of place of articulation in unvoiced stops with spectro-temporal surface modelingKARJIGI, V; RAO, P
2016Effect of self-bias on the elemental composition and neutron absorption of boron carbide films deposited by RF plasma enhanced CVDBUTE, A; JAGANNATH; KAR, R; CHOPADE, SS; DESAI, SS; DEO, MN; RAO, P; CHAND, N; KUMAR, S; SINGH, K; PATIL, DS; SINHA, S
2006Effect of voice quality on frequency-warped modeling of vowel spectraPATWARDHAN, P; RAO, P
2005Frequency warped modeling of vowel spectra: dependence on vowel qualityRAO, P; PATWARDHAN, P
2009Improving the robustness of phonetic segmentation to accent and style variation with a two-staged approachPATIL, V; JOSHI, S; RAO, P
2008Landmark based recognition of stops: acoustic attributes versus smoothed spectraKARJIGI, V; RAO, P
2001A measure for predicting audibility discrimination thresholds for spectral envelope distortions in vowel soundsRAO, P; VAN DINTHER, R; VELDHUIS, R; KOHLRAUSCH, A
2007Note onset detection in natural hummingPRADEEP, KP; RAO, P; ROY, SD
2004On the detection of melodic pitch in a percussive backgroundRAO, P; SHANDILYA, S
2014An Overview of Hindustani Music in the Context of Computational MusicologyRAO, S; RAO, P
2012Raga Recognition based on Pitch Distribution MethodsKODURI, GK; GULATI, S; RAO, P; SERRA, X
2012Signal-Driven Window-Length Adaptation for Sinusoid Detection in Polyphonic MusicRAO, V; GADDIPATI, P; RAO, P
2000Simulation of free surface flows using a Runge-Kutta techniqueRAO, P; PANI, BS
2009Singing voice detection in polyphonic music using predominant pitchRAO, V; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; RAO, P
2006Speech enhancement in nonstationary noise environments using noise propertiesMANOHAR, K; RAO, P
2010Vocal Melody Extraction in the Presence of Pitched Accompaniment in Polyphonic MusicRAO, V; RAO, P