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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Coupled magnetostructural transformations in melt-spun Ni(55)Mn(19.6)Ga(25.4) ribbon: An electron spin resonance studyRAO, NVR; GOPALAN, R; CHELVANE, JA; CHANDRASEKARAN, V; SURESH, KG
2016Effect of Fe on the Martensitic Transition, Magnetic and Magnetocaloric Properties in Ni-Mn-In Melt-spun RibbonsKUMAR, DMR; RAO, NVR; MUTHU, SE; ARUMUGAM, S; RAJA, MM; SURESH, KG
2010Effect of Ni/Mn ratio on phase transformation and magnetic properties in Ni-Mn-In alloysRAO, NVR; CHANDRASEKARAN, V; SURESH, KG
2012In-situ phase transformation studies of Ni48Mn39In13 melt-spun ribbonsKUMAR, DMR; RAO, DVS; RAO, NVR; RAJA, MM; SINGH, RK; SURESH, KG
2010Large low-field inverse magnetocaloric effect near room temperature in Ni(50-x) Mn(37+x) In(13) Heusler alloysRAO, NVR; GOPALAN, R; CHANDRASEKARAN, V; SURESH, KG
2010Magneto-thermal and magneto-transport behavior around the martensitic transition in Ni(50-x)Co(x)Mn(40)Sb(10) (x=9, 9.5) Heusler alloysNAYAK, AK; RAO, NVR; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK
2009Microstructure, magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect in melt-spun Ni-Mn-Ga ribbonsRAO, NVR; GOPALAN, R; CHANDRASEKARAN, V; SURESH, KG
2009Phase coexistence, microstructure and magnetism in Ni-Mn-Sb alloysRAO, NVR; GOPALAN, R; CHANDRASEKARAN, V; SURESH, KG
2012Structure, magneto-structural transitions and magnetocaloric properties in Ni50-xMn37+xIn13 melt spun ribbonsKUMAR, DMR; RAO, NVR; RAJA, MM; RAO, DVS; SRINIVAS, M; MUTHU, SE; ARUMUGAM, S; SURESH, KG