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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Assessment of dynamic material properties of intact rocks using seismic wave attenuation: an experimental studyWANNIARACHCHI, WAM; RANJITH, PG; PERERA, MSA; RATHNAWEERA, TD; LYU, Q; MAHANTA, B
2013CO2 permeability of Indian bituminous coals: Implications for carbon sequestrationVISHAL, V; RANJITH, PG; SINGH, TN
2015CO2-induced mechanical behaviour of Hawkesbury sandstone in the Gosford basin: An experimental studyRATHNAWEERA, TD; RANJITH, PG; PERERA, MSA; HAQUE, A; LASHIN, A; AL ARIFI, N; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D; YANG, SQ; XU, T; WANH, SH; YASAR, E
2013A comparative study of generalized regression neural network approach and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems for prediction of unconfined compressive strength of rocksSINGH, R; VISHAL, V; SINGH, TN; RANJITH, PG
2017Effect of Varied Durations of Thermal Treatment on the Tensile Strength of Red SandstoneSIRDESAI, NN; SINGH, TN; RANJITH, PG; SINGH, R
2017Effects of strain rate on fracture toughness and energy release rate of gas shalesMAHANTA, B; TRIPATHY, A; VISHAL, V; SINGH, TN; RANJITH, PG
2015An experimental investigation on behaviour of coal under fluid saturation, using acoustic emissionVISHAL, V; RANJITH, PG; SINGH, TN
2015Geothermal energy resources of Jizan, SW Saudi ArabiaCHANDRASEKHARAM, D; LASHIN, A; AL ARIFI, N; AL BASSAM, A; RANJITH, PG; VARUN, C; SINGH, HK
2015Influence of sorption time in CO2-ECBM process in Indian coals using coupled numerical simulationVISHAL, V; SINGH, TN; RANJITH, PG
2016Influence of thermal treatment on mode I fracture toughness of certain Indian rocksMAHANTA, B; SINGH, TN; RANJITH, PG
2015Laboratory Simulation of Flow through Single Fractured GraniteSINGH, KK; SINGH, DN; RANJITH, PG
2013Numerical modeling of Gondwana coal seams in India as coalbed methane reservoirs substituted for carbon dioxide sequestrationVISHAL, V; SINGH, L; PRADHAN, SP; SINGH, TN; RANJITH, PG
2013Permeability of sub-critical carbon dioxide in naturally fractured Indian bituminous coal at a range of down-hole stress conditionsVISHAL, V; RANJITH, PG; PRADHAN, SP; SINGH, TN
2014Simulating Flow through Fractures in a Rock Mass Using Analog MaterialSINGH, KK; SINGH, DN; RANJITH, PG