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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Artificial neural network and liquefaction susceptibility assessment: a case study using the 2001 Bhuj earthquake data, Gujarat, IndiaRAMAKRISHNAN, D; SINGH, TN; PURWAR, N; BARDE, KS; GULATI, A; GUPTA, S
2008Assessment of surface and sub-surface waterlogged areas in irrigation command areas of Bihar state using remote sensing and GISCHOWDARY, VM; CHANDRAN, RV; NEETI, N; BOTHALE, RV; SRIVASTAVA, YK; INGLE, P; RAMAKRISHNAN, D; DUTTA, D; JEYARAM, A; SHARMA, JR; SINGH, R
2017A comparative study of signal transformation techniques in automated spectral unmixing of infrared spectra for remote sensing applicationsSINGH, KD; RAMAKRISHNAN, D
2014Compositional diversity of near-, far-side transitory zone around Naonobu, Webb and Sinus Successus craters: Inferences from Chandrayaan-1 Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M-3) dataBHARTI, R; RAMAKRISHNAN, D; SINGH, KD
2015Exploring the unusual uranium enrichment zones in the Thar Desert, India, using remote sensing, GIS and gamma-ray spectroscopyBHARTI, R; RAMAKRISHNAN, D
2013A field technique for rapid lithological discrimination and ore mineral identification: Results from Mamandur Polymetal Deposit, IndiaRAMAKRISHNAN, D; NITHYA, M; SINGH, KD; BHARTI, R
2015Hyperspectral remote sensing and geological applicationsRAMAKRISHNAN, D; BHARTI, R
2009Integrated Water Resource Development Plan for Sustainable Management of Mayurakshi Watershed, India using Remote Sensing and GISCHOWDARY, VM; RAMAKRISHNAN, D; SRIVASTAVA, YK; CHANDRAN, V; JEYARAM, A
2012Measurement of thermal properties of select intact and weathered granulites and their relationship to rock propertiesRAMAKRISHNAN, D; BHARTI, R; NITHYA, M; KUSUMA, KN; SINGH, KD
2014Nano-scale NiSi and n-type silicon based Schottky barrier diode as a near infra-red detector for room temperature operationROY, S; MIDYA, K; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; RAMAKRISHNAN, D
2009SCS-CN and GIS-based approach for identifying potential water harvesting sites in the Kali Watershed, Mahi River Basin, IndiaRAMAKRISHNAN, D; BANDYOPADHYAY, A; KUSUMA, KN
2013Soft computing and GIS for landslide susceptibility assessment in Tawaghat area, Kumaon Himalaya, IndiaRAMAKRISHNAN, D; SINGH, TN; VERMA, AK; GULATI, A; TIWARI, KC
2014Spectral discrimination of Recent sediments around Bhuj, India, using Landsat-TM data and assessment of their vulnerability to seismicity-related failuresRAMAKRISHNAN, D
2012Spectral pathways for effective delineation of high-grade bauxites: a case study from the Savitri River Basin, Maharashtra, India, using EO-1 Hyperion dataKUSUMA, KN; RAMAKRISHNAN, D; PANDALAI, HS
2015Spectral pathways for exploration of secondary uranium: An investigation in the desertic tracts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, IndiaBHARTI, R; KALIMUTHU, R; RAMAKRISHNAN, D
2013A technique for estimation of suspended sediment concentration in very high turbid coastal waters: An investigation from Gulf of Cambay, IndiaRAMAKRISHNAN, D; BHARTI, R; DAS, M
2013Thermal inertia mapping and its application in mineral exploration: results from Mamandur polymetal prospect, IndiaRAMAKRISHNAN, D; BHARTI, R; SINGH, KD; NITHYA, M