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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Backreaction effects due to matter coupled higher derivative gravityJOSHI, LK; RAMADEVI, P
2002Black hole area quantizationDAS, S; RAMADEVI, P; YAJNIK, UA
2017Checks of integrality properties in topological stringsMIRONOV, A; MOROZOV, A; MOROZOV, A; RAMADEVI, P; SINGH, VK; SLEPTSOV, A
2015Colored HOMFLY polynomials of knots presented as double fat diagramsMIRONOV, A; MOROZOV, A; MOROZOV, A; RAMADEVI, P; SINGH, VK
2003Comments on "literal approximations to aircraft dynamics modes" and "consistent approximations to aircraft longitudinal modes" - replyANANTHKRISHNAN, N; RAMADEVI, P
2010Composite representation invariants and unoriented topological string amplitudesPAUL, C; BORHADE, P; RAMADEVI, P
2002Consistent approximations to aircraft longitudinal modesANANTHKRISHNAN, N; RAMADEVI, P
2007Effective SO superpotential for N=1 theory with Nf fundamental matterBORHADE, PRAVINA; RAMADEVI, P
2017Exact time dependence of causal correlations and nonequilibrium density matrices in holographic systemsJOSHI, LK; MUKHOPADHYAY, A; PREIS, F; RAMADEVI, P
2011Inverse algorithm and M2-brane theoriesDWIVEDI, S; RAMADEVI, P
2014Is toric duality a Seiberg-like duality in (2+1)-d ?DWIVEDI, S; RAMADEVI, P
2017Knot invariants and M-theory: Hitchin equations, Chern-Simons actions, and surface operatorsDASGUPTA, K; DIEZ, VE; RAMADEVI, P; TATAR, R
2015Non-zero theta(13) and delta(CP) in a neutrino mass model with A(4) symmetryDEV, A; RAMADEVI, P; SANKAR, S
2008Note on dimer models and D-brane gauge theoriesAGARWAL, P; RAMADEVI, P; SARKAR, T
2001On link invariants and topological string amplitudesRAMADEVI, P; SARKAR, TAPOBRATA
2013Partial Resolution of Complex Cones over Fano BDWIVEDI, S; RAMADEVI, P
2003Quantum mechanical spectra of charged black holesDAS, SAURYA; RAMADEVI, P; YAJNIK, UA; SULE, A
2005SO(N) reformulated link invariants from topological stringsBORHADE, PRAVINA; RAMADEVI, P
2005The spectrum of rotating black holes and its implications for Hawking radiationDAS, S; MUKHOPADHYAY, H; RAMADEVI, P