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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Distributed manufacturing: scope, challenges and opportunitiesSRAI, JS; KUMAR, M; GRAHAM, G; PHILLIPS, W; TOOZE, J; FORD, S; BEECHER, P; RAJ, B; GREGORY, M; TIWARI, MK; RAVI, B; NEELY, A; SHANKAR, R; CHARNLEY, F; TIWARI, A
1999Effect of tensile deformation on micromagnetic parameters in 0.2% carbon steel and 2.25Cr-1Mo steelMOORTHY, V; VAIDYANATHAN, S; JAYAKUMAR, T; RAJ, B; KASHYAP, BP
2008Evolution and characterization of dynamically recrystallized microstructure in a titanium-modified austenitic stainless steel using ultrasonic and EBSD techniquesMANDAL, S; MISHRA, SK; KUMAR, A; SAMAJDAR, I; SIVAPRASAD, PV; JAYAKUMAR, T; RAJ, B
2012Finite element analysis of spherical indentation to study pile-up/sink-in phenomena in steels and experimental validationKARTHIK, V; VISWESWARAN, P; BHUSHAN, A; PAWASKAR, DN; KASIVISWANATHAN, KV; JAYAKUMAR, T; RAJ, B
2000Insight into the microstructural characterization of ferritic steels using micromagnetic parametersMOORTHY, V; VAIDYANATHAN, S; RAJ, B; JAYAKUMAR, T; KASHYAP, BP
1999Numerical modelling and experimental determination of temperature distribution during manual metal arc weldingMURUGAN, S; KUMAR, PV; GILL, TPS; RAJ, B; BOSE, MSC
2000Numerical modelling of temperature distribution during multipass welding of platesMURUGAN, S; GILL, TPS; KUMAR, PV; RAJ, B; BOSE, MSC
2009Sensitization control in AISI 316L(N) austenitic stainless steel: Defining the role of the nature of grain boundaryPARVATHAVARTHINI, N; MULKI, S; DAYAL, RK; SAMAJDAR, I; MANI, KV; RAJ, B