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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Convective Heat Transfer Characterization of Aviation Turbine Fuel-Metal Oxide NanofluidsSONAWANE, S; BHANDARKAR, U; PURANIK, B; KUMAR, SS
2010Effect of orifice shape in synthetic jet based impingement coolingCHAUDHARI, M; PURANIK, B; AGRAWAL, A
2016Effect of viscosity and wall heat conduction on shock attenuation in narrow channelsDESHPANDE, A; PURANIK, B
2011An experimental investigation of thermo-physical properties and heat transfer performance of Al(2)O(3)-Aviation Turbine Fuel nanofluidsSONAWANE, S; PATANKAR, K; FOGLA, A; PURANIK, B; BHANDARKAR, U; KUMAR, SS
2009Frequency response of a synthetic jet cavityCHAUDHARI, M; VERMA, G; PURANIK, B; AGRAWAL, A
2012Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Heat Sink in Presence of a Synthetic JetCHAUDHARI, MB; PURANIK, B; AGRAWAL, A
2010Heat transfer characteristics of synthetic jet impingement coolingCHAUDHARI, M; PURANIK, B; AGRAWAL, A
2010A hybrid FVM-LBM method for single and multi-fluid compressible flow problemsJOSHI, H; AGARWAL, A; PURANIK, B; SHU, C; AGRAWAL, A
2016Modeling Forced Convection Nanofluid Heat Transfer Using an Eulerian-Lagrangian ApproachSONAWANE, S; BHANDARKAR, U; PURANIK, B
2011Multiple orifice synthetic jet for improvement in impingement heat transferCHAUDHARI, M; PURANIK, B; AGRAWAL, A
2009Novel LBM scheme for Euler equationsAGARWAL, A; AGRAWAL, A; PURANIK, B; SHU, C
2011A numerical investigation of effects of cavity and orifice parameters on the characteristics of a synthetic jet flowJAIN, M; PURANIK, B; AGRAWAL, A
2017A numerical investigation of shock propagation in three-dimensional microductsDESHPANDE, A; PURANIK, B
2009Simulation of Thermo-fluid Interactions in Cryogenic Stage Turbine Startup System Using AUSM plus -UP-based Higher-order Accurate Flow SolverNAIR, P; JAYACHANDRAN, T; PURANIK, B; BHANDARKAR, UV