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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Bis(2-diphenylphosphinoxynaphthalen-1-yl)methane: transition metal chemistry, Suzuki cross-coupling reactions and homogeneous hydrogenation of olefinsPUNJI, B; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2009Copper(I) complexes of a thioether-functionalized short-bite aminobis(phosphonite), [PhN{P(-OC(10)H(6)(mu-S)C(10)H(6)O-)}(2)]PUNJI, B; MAGUE, JT; MOBIN, SM; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2006Derivatisation and transition metal chemistry of a new monophosphinite ligand: 2-(diphenylphosphinoxy)naphthylPUNJI, B; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2007Group 11 metal complexes of the mesocyclic thioether aminophosphonites [-OC10H6(mu-S)C10H6O-]PNC4H8E (E = O, NMe)PUNJI, B; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2007Highly air-stable anionic mononuclear and neutral binuclear palladium(II) complexes for C-C and C-N bond-forming reactionsPUNJI, B; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2010Large-bite bisphosphite, 1,3-C(6)H(4){OPOC(10)H(6)(mu-S)C(10)H(6)O}(2): Synthesis, copper(I), and gold(I) complexesBALAKRISHNA, MS; KUMAR, P; PUNJI, B; MAGUE, JT
2007O-2-naphthyl diphenylthiophosphinateMAGUE, JT; PUNJI, B; GANESAMOORTHY, C; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2006Synthesis of neutral (pd-ii,pt-ii), cationic (pdii), and water-induced anionic (pd-ii) complexes containing new mesocyclic - thioether-aminophosphonite ligands and their application in the suzuki cross-coupling reactionPUNJI, B; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2007Thioether-functionalized ferrocenyl-bis(phosphonite), Fe{(C5H4)P(-OC10H6(mu-S)C10H6O-)}(2): Synthesis, coordination behavior, and application in suzuki-miyaura cross-coupling reactionsPUNJI, B; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2007Two crystalline modifications of 1,1 '-thiobis(2-naphthol)MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNA, MS; PUNJI, B; SURESH, D