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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Characterization of multiferroic thin films directly deposited on silicon for novel device applicationsPRASHANTHI, K; PALKAR, VR
2007Dielectric properties characterization of La- and Dy-doped BiFeO3 thin filmsPETROV, PK; PALKAR, VR; TAGANTSEV, AK; CHIEN, HI; PRASHANTHI, K; AXELSSON, AK; BHATTACHARYA, S; ALFORD, NM
2010Effect of thermal stress on magnetic domain patterns of multiferroic Bi(1-x)Dy(x)FeO(3) thin filmsPALKAR, VR; PRASHANTHI, K; MANDAL, M
2009Enhancement in multiferroic properties of Bi(0.7-x)La(x)Dy(0.3)FeO(3) system with removal of LaPRASHANTHI, K; CHALKE, BA; BARICK, KC; DAS, A; DHIMAN, I; PALKAR, VR
2011Fabrication and characterization of a novel magnetoelectric multiferroic MEMS cantilevers on SiPRASHANTHI, K; MANDAL, M; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; PINTO, R; PALKAR, VR
2009Fabrication and characterization of novel multiferroic cantilevers for microtransuducersPRASHANTHI, K; MANDAL, M; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; PINTO, R; PALKAR, VR
2008Influence of process-induced stress on multiferroic properties of pulse laser deposited Bi(0.7)Dy(0.3)FeO(3) thin filmsPALKAR, VR; PRASHANTHI, K; DATTAGUPTA, SP
2012Local piezoelectric response of ZnO nanoparticles embedded in a photosensitive polymerPRASHANTHI, K; ZHANG, H; RAO, VR; THUNDAT, T
2009Multiferroic Bi(0.7)Dy(0.3)FeO(3) films as high k dielectric material for advanced non-volatile memory devicesPRASHANTHI, K; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; PINTO, R; PALKAR, VR
2010Multiferroic Bi(0.7)Dy(0.3)FeO(3) thin films directly integrated on Si for integrated circuit compatible devicesPRASHANTHI, K; CHALKE, BA; BAPAT, RD; PURANDARE, SC; PALKAR, VR
2012A Novel Photoplastic Piezoelectric Nanocomposite for MEMS ApplicationsPRASHANTHI, K; NARESH, M; SEENA, V; THUNDAT, T; RAO, VR
2008Observation of magnetoelectric coupling in Bi(0.7)Dy(0.3)FeO(3) thin films at room temperaturePALKAR, VR; PRASHANTHI, K
2007Observation of thickness dependent properties in novel multiferroic thin filmsPRASHANTHI, K; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; PINTO, RICHARD; PALKAR, VR
2012Photopatternable nano-composite (SU-8/ZnO) thin films for piezo-electric applicationsKANDPAL, M; SHARAN, C; PODDAR, P; PRASHANTHI, K; APTE, PR; RAO, VR
2010Processing and switching behavior of multiferroic (Bi(0.7)Dy(0.3)FeO(3)) microstructure arraysMANDAL, M; PRASHANTHI, K; PALURI, S; PINTO, R; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; PALKAR, VR
2012Solution processed photopatternable high-k nanocomposite gate dielectric for low voltage organic field effect transistorsNAVAN, RR; PRASHANTHI, K; BAGHINI, MS; RAO, VR
2013Vibtrational energy harvesting using photo-patternable piezoelectric nanocomposite cantileversPRASHANTHI, K; MIRIYALA, N; GAIKWAD, RD; MOUSSA, W; RAO, VR; THUNDAT, T