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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Characterization of hexane pool fires using infrared thermographySUDHEER, S; PRABHU, SV
2013Comparison of heat transfer distributions on a flat plate impinged by under-expanded jets from a convergent nozzle and a circular orificeLIMAYE, MD; VEDULA, RP; PRABHU, SV
2008Deduction of slip coefficient in slip and transition regimes from existing cylindrical Couette flow dataAGARWAL, AMIT; PRABHU, SV
2013Design and calibration of a new compact radiative heat-flux gauge (RHFG) for combustion applicationsREDDY, VM; SUDHEER, S; PRABHU, SV; KUMAR, S
2007Effect of rotation, aspect ratio, channel orientation, and rib pitch-to-height ratio on pressure drop and heat transfer characteristics in a rotating channel with ribs on one principal wallARUN, K; PRABHU, SV
2013Effect of the profile of a convergent nozzle on heat transfer distribution of a flat plate impinged by an under-expanded jetLIMAYE, MD; GULATI, P; VEDULA, RP; PRABHU, SV
2009Experimental determination of heat transfer coefficient in the slip regime and its anomalously low valueDEMSIS, A; VERMA, B; PRABHU, SV; AGRAWAL, A
2010Experimental investigation on critical heat flux in horizontal channel for low pressure low flow (LPLF) conditionPRABHUL, K; BABURAJAN, PK; GUPTA, SK; PRABHU, SV
2012Experimental investigations on melting of lead in a cuboid with constant heat flux boundary condition using thermal neutron radiographyKUMAR, L; MANJUNATH, BS; PATEL, RJ; MARKANDEYA, SG; AGRAWAL, RG; AGRAWAL, A; KASHYAP, Y; SARKAR, PS; SINHA, A; IYER, KN; PRABHU, SV
2009Experimental investigations on single stage modified Savonius rotorKAMOJI, MA; KEDARE, SB; PRABHU, SV
2009Experimental investigations on single stage modified Savonius rotorKAMOJI, MA; KEDARE, SB; PRABHU, SV
2008Experimental investigations on single stage, two stage and three stage conventional Savonius rotorKAMOJI, MA; KEDARE, SB; PRABHU, SV
2002Experimental studies on impact behaviour of woven fabric composites: Effect of impact parametersNAIK, NK; BORADE, SV; ARYA, H; SAILENDRA, M; PRABHU, SV
2008Experimental study and theoretical analysis of local heat transfer distribution between smooth flat surface and impinging air jet from a circular straight pipe nozzleKATTI, VADIRAJ; PRABHU, SV
2013Fire safety distances for open pool firesSUDHEER, S; KUMAR, L; MANJUNATH, BS; PASI, A; MEENAKSHI, G; PRABHU, SV
2012Frequency detection in vortex flowmeter for low Reynolds number using piezoelectric sensor and installation effectsVENUGOPAL, A; AGRAWAL, A; PRABHU, SV
2008Heat transfer augmentation between impinging circular air jet and flat plate using finned surfaces and vortex generatorsNAKOD, PM; PRABHU, SV; VEDULA, RP
2010Heat transfer coefficient of gas flowing in a circular tube under rarefied conditionDEMSIS, A; VERMA, B; PRABHU, SV; AGRAWAL, A
2010Heat Transfer Distribution of Semicylindrical Concave Surface Impinged by Circular Jet RowsYASASWY, SN; KATTI, VV; PRABHU, SV
2008Heat transfer enhancement on a flat surface with axisymmetric detached ribs by normal impingement of circular air jetKATTI, VADIRAJ; PRABHU, SV
Showing results 1 to 20 of 53
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