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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Blood plasma separation in elevated dimension T-shaped microchannelTRIPATHI, S; PRABHAKAR, A; KUMAR, N; SINGH, SG; AGRAWAL, A
2016Coherent microwave generation by spintronic feedback oscillatorKUMAR, D; KONISHI, K; KUMAR, N; MIWA, S; FUKUSHIMA, A; YAKUSHIJI, K; YUASA, S; KUBOTA, H; TOMY, CV; PRABHAKAR, A; SUZUKI, Y; TULAPURKAR, A
2017A Comprehensive Investigation of a Microfabricated U-Bend Polymer Waveguide With Analyte Micro-Reservoir for Versatile On-Chip Sensing ApplicationsPRABHAKAR, A; MISHRA, N; MUKHERJI, S
1997High field stressing effects on the split N2O grown thin gate dielectric by rapid thermal processingSUBRAHMANYAM, PVS; PRABHAKAR, A; VASI, J
2012Investigation of the effect of curvature on sensitivity of bio/chemical sensors based on embedded polymer semicircular waveguidesPRABHAKAR, A; MUKHERJI, S
2016Microdevice for plasma separation from whole human blood using biophysical and geometrical effectsTRIPATHI, S; KUMAR, YVB; AGRAWAL, A; PRABHAKAR, A; JOSHI, SS
2010A novel C-shaped, gold nanoparticle coated, embedded polymer waveguide for localized surface plasmon resonance based detectionPRABHAKAR, A; MUKHERJI, S
2015A novel, compact and efficient microchannel arrangement with multiple hydrodynamic effects for blood plasma separationPRABHAKAR, A; KUMAR, YVBV; TRIPATHI, S; AGRAWAL, A
2015Passive blood plasma separation at the microscale: a review of design principles and microdevicesTRIPATHI, S; KUMAR, YVBV; PRABHAKAR, A; JOSHI, SS; AGRAWAL, A
2015Performance study of microfluidic devices for blood plasma separation-a designer's perspectiveTRIPATHI, S; KUMAR, YVBV; PRABHAKAR, A; JOSHI, SS; AGRAWAL, A