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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Evaluation and modelling across-track illumination variation in hyperion images using quadratic regressionPAL, MK; PORWAL, A
2015Exploration feature selection applied to hybrid data integration modeling: Targeting copper-gold potential in central IranASADI, HH; PORWAL, A; FATEHI, M; KIANPOURYAN, S; LU, YJ
2015Fuzzy inference systems for prospectivity modeling of mineral systems and a case-study for prospectivity mapping of surficial Uranium in Yeelirrie Area, Western AustraliaPORWAL, A; DAS, RD; CHAUDHARY, B; GONZALEZ-ALVAREZ, I; KREUZER, O
2016Geology, geodynamics and orogenic gold prospectivity modelling of the Paleoproterozoic Kumasi Basin, Ghana, West AfricaCHUDASAMA, B; PORWAL, A; KREUZER, OP; BUTERA, K
2015Hyperspectral image processing and analysisMOHAN, BK; PORWAL, A
2015A Local Brightness Normalization (LBN) algorithm for destriping Hyperion imagesPAL, MK; PORWAL, A
2002Microcantilever based biosensorsPORWAL, A; NARSUDE, M; RAO, VR; MUKHERJI, S
2015Mineral systems approach applied to GIS-based 2D-prospectivity modelling of geological regions: Insights from Western AustraliaJOLY, A; PORWAL, A; MCCUAIG, TC; CHUDASAMA, B; DENTITH, MC; AITKEN, ARA
2014Probabilistic Fuzzy Logic Modeling: Quantifying Uncertainty of Mineral Prospectivity Models Using Monte Carlo SimulationsLISITSIN, VA; PORWAL, A; MCCUAIG, TC
2017Random Forest-Based Prospectivity Modelling of Greenfield Terrains Using Sparse Deposit Data: An Example from the Tanami Region, Western AustraliaHARIHARAN, S; TIRODKAR, S; PORWAL, A; BHATTACHARYA, A; JOLY, A
2017Remote detection of geological structures: an application to the Aravalli region, western IndiaACHARYA, D; PORWAL, A; BHATTACHARYA, A
2015Remote estimation of dielectric permittivity of lunar surface regolith using compact polarimetric synthetic aperture radar dataBHATTACHARYA, A; PORWAL, A; DHINGRA, S; DE, S; VENKATARAMAN, G