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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Algorithms for the theory of restrictions of scalar -D systems to proper subspaces of R-nPAL, D; PILLAI, HK
2012Analysis of stable periodic orbits in the one dimensional linear piecewise-smooth discontinuous mapRAJPATHAK, B; PILLAI, HK; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2015Analysis of unstable periodic orbits and chaotic orbits in the one-dimensional linear piecewise-smooth discontinuous mapRAJPATHAK, B; PILLAI, HK; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
1998A behavioral approach to control of distributed systemsPILLAI, HK; SHANKAR, S
2012Computing the radius of controllability for state space systemsKHARE, SR; PILLAI, HK; BELUR, MN
2009Decomposable subspaces, linear sections of Grassmann varieties, and higher weights of Grassmann codesGHORPADE, SR; PATIL, AR; PILLAI, HK
2007Dissipative systems synthesis: A linear algebraic approachBELUR, MN; PILLAI, HK; TRENTELMAN, HL
2008An intrinsic behavioral approach to the gap metricBIAN, WM; FRENCH, M; PILLAI, HK
2006Kalman-Yakubovich lemma in the behavioural settingPENDHARKAR, I; PILLAI, HK
2002Lossless and dissipative distributed systemsPILLAI, HK; WILLEMS, JC
2011Lyapunov stability of n-D strongly autonomous systemsPAL, D; PILLAI, HK
2012On "P" property and the column-W propertyPRIYADARSHAN, H; PILLAI, HK
2002On duality of behavioural systemsPILLAI, HK; NARAYANAN, H
2014On restrictions of n-d systems to 1-d subspacesPAL, D; PILLAI, HK
2015On the matching equations of energy shaping controllers for mechanical systemsCRASTA, N; ORTEGA, R; PILLAI, HK
2009A parametrisation for dissipative behaviours-the matrix casePENDHARKAR, I; PILLAI, HK
2004A parametrization for dissipative behaviorsPENDHARKAR, I; PILLAI, HK
2006Process water managementBANDYOPADHYAY, S; GHANEKAR, MD; PILLAI, HK
2013Reorientation of linear switched systems using state feedbackPRIYADARSHAN, H; PILLAI, HK