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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Analysis of electrostatically actuated narrow microcantilevers using Rayleigh-Ritz energy techniqueJOGLEKAR, MM; HARDIKAR, KY; PAWASKAR, DN
2015Analytical and numerical solutions for thick beams with thermoelastic dampingPARAYIL, DV; KULKARNI, SS; PAWASKAR, DN
2011Closed-form empirical relations to predict the static pull-in parameters of electrostatically actuated microcantilevers having linear width variationJOGLEKAR, MM; PAWASKAR, DN
2008An efficient numerical scheme to determine the pull-in parameters of an electrostatic micro-actuator with contact type nonlinearityJOGLEKAR, MM; PAWASKAR, DN
2015Enhancement of static and dynamic travel range of electrostatically actuated microbeams using hybrid simulated annealingTRIVEDI, RR; BHUSHAN, A; JOGLEKAR, MM; PAWASKAR, DN; SHIMPI, RP
2011Estimation of oscillation period/switching time for electrostatically actuated microbeam type switchesJOGLEKAR, MM; PAWASKAR, DN
2015Experimental determination of thermal contact conductance between pressure and calandria tubes of Indian pressurised heavy water reactorsDUREJA, AK; PAWASKAR, DN; SESHU, P; SINHA, SK; SINHA, RK
2012Finite element analysis of spherical indentation to study pile-up/sink-in phenomena in steels and experimental validationKARTHIK, V; VISWESWARAN, P; BHUSHAN, A; PAWASKAR, DN; KASIVISWANATHAN, KV; JAYAKUMAR, T; RAJ, B
2011Flow behaviour of autoclaved, 20% cold worked, Zr-2.5Nb alloy pressure tube material in the temperature range of room temperature to 800 degrees CDUREJA, AK; SINHA, SK; SRIVASTAVA, A; SINHA, RK; CHAKRAVARTTY, JK; SESHU, P; PAWASKAR, DN
2016How many network chains of a densely crosslinked glassy thermoset deform cooperatively at yield?CHATTARAJ, S; PANT, P; PAWASKAR, DN; NANAVATI, H
2011Investigation of the internal stress effects on static and dynamic characteristics of an electrostatically actuated beam for MEMS and NEMS applicationBHUSHAN, A; INAMDAR, MM; PAWASKAR, DN
2014Modelling flow and work hardening behaviour of cold worked Zr-2.5Nb pressure tube material in the temperature range of 30-600 degrees CDUREJA, AK; SINHA, SK; PAWASKAR, DN; SESHU, P; CHAKRAVARTTY, JK; SINHA, RK
2014Optimization of cask for transport of radioactive material under impact loadingSHARMA, K; PAWASKAR, DN; GUHA, A; SINGH, RK
2016Optimization of static and dynamic travel range of electrostatically driven microbeams using particle swarm optimizationTRIVEDI, RR; PAWASKAR, DN; SHIMPI, RP
2009Pull-in dynamics of variable-width electrostatic microactuatorsJOGLEKAR, MM; PAWASKAR, DN
2012Shape optimization of electrostatically actuated microbeams for extending static and dynamic operating rangesJOGLEKAR, MM; PAWASKAR, DN
2014Simultaneous planar free and forced vibrations analysis of an electrostatically actuated beam oscillatorBHUSHAN, A; INAMDAR, MM; PAWASKAR, DN