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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Anthropogenic sulphate aerosol from India: estimates of burden and direct radiative forcingVENKATARAMAN, C; CHANDRAMOULI, B; PATWARDHAN, A
2009Assessing adaptive capacity to tropical cyclones in the East coast of India: a pilot study of public response to cyclone warning informationSHARMA, U; PATWARDHAN, A; PARTHASARATHY, D
2009Assessing dangerous climate change through an update of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) "reasons for concern''SMITH, JB; SCHNEIDER, SH; OPPENHEIMER, M; YOHE, GW; HARE, W; MASTRANDREA, MD; PATWARDHAN, A; BURTON, I; CORFEE-MORLOT, J; MAGADZA, CHD; FUESSEL, HM; PITTOCK, AB; RAHMAN, A; SUAREZ, A; VAN YPERSELE, JP
2006Assessing vulnerability to climate change: The link between objectives and assessmentPATWARDHAN, A
2013Attributing the increase in atmospheric CO2 to emitters and absorbersCIAIS, P; GASSER, T; PARIS, JD; CALDEIRA, K; RAUPACH, MR; CANADELL, JG; PATWARDHAN, A; FRIEDLINGSTEIN, P; PIAO, SL; GITZ, V
2006Classification of rice crops based on submergence due to tropical cyclone using remotely sensed data : an Indian case studyABHYANKAR, AA; PATWARDHAN, A; INAMDAR, A
2009Developing a common strategy for integrative global environmental change research and outreach: the Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP) Strategy paperLEEMANS, R; ASRAR, G; BUSALACCHI, A; CANADELL, J; INGRAM, J; LARIGAUDERIE, A; MOONEY, H; NOBRE, C; PATWARDHAN, A; RICE, M; SCHMIDT, F; SEITZINGER, S; VIRJI, H; VOROSMARTY, C; YOUNG, O
2013Education as a Determinant of Response to Cyclone Warnings: Evidence from Coastal Zones in IndiaSHARMA, U; PATWARDHAN, A; PATT, AG
2013Identification of clusters in tropical cyclone tracks of North Indian OceanPALIWAL, M; PATWARDHAN, A
2006Identification of completely submerged areas due to tropical cyclone using satellite data : an Indian case studyABHYANKAR, AA; PATWARDHAN, A; INAMDAR, A
2013Identification of vulnerable areas in municipal corporation of Greater Mumbai due to extreme events based on socio economic indicatorsABHYANKAR, AA; PALIWAL, M; PATWARDHAN, A; INAMDAR, AB
2005Improving the methodology for assessing natural hazard impactsPATWARDHAN, A; SHARMA, U
2009The inaugural issue of current opinion in environmental sustainabilityLEEMANS, R; PATWARDHAN, A
2015Intensification of future severe heat waves in India and their effect on heat stress and mortalityMURARI, KK; GHOSH, S; PATWARDHAN, A; DALY, E; SALVI, K
2010Interactions of the carbon cycle, human activity, and the climate system: a research portfolioCANADELL, JG; CIAIS, P; DHAKAL, S; DOLMAN, H; FRIEDLINGSTEIN, P; GURNEY, KR; HELD, A; JACKSON, RB; LE QUERE, C; MALONE, EL; OJIMA, DS; PATWARDHAN, A; PETERS, GP; RAUPACH, MR
2010An international carbon office to assist policy-based scienceLE QUERE, C; CANADELL, JG; CIAIS, P; DHAKAL, S; PATWARDHAN, A; RAUPACH, MR; YOUNG, OR
1996One electron reduction of vanadate(V) to oxovanadium(IV) by low-molecular-weight biocomponents like saccharides and ascorbic acid: Effect of oxovanadium(IV) complexes on pUC18 DNA and on lipid peroxidation in isolated rat hepatocytesSREEDHARA, A; SUSA, N; PATWARDHAN, A; RAO, CP
2010A promising niche: waste to energy project in the Indian dairy sectorPATANKAR, M; PATWARDHAN, A; VERBONG, G
2007Qualitative approaches to rapidly identify completely submerged rice due to tropical cyclone using satellite dataABHYANKAR, AA; PATWARDHAN, A; INAMDAR, A