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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Carbon isotope studies of auriferous quartz carbonate veins from two orogenic gold deposits from the Neoarchean Chitradurga schist belt, Dharwar craton, India: Evidence for mantle/magmatic source of auriferous fluidSARANGI, S; SARKAR, A; SRINIVASAN, R; PATEL, SC
1999Contrasting responses of Rb-Sr systematics to regional and contact metamorphism, Laramie Mountains, Wyoming, USAPATEL, SC; FROST, CD; FROST, BR
2007Deformation pattern in a proterozoic low pressure metamorphic belt near ramanujganj, western chhotanagpur terranePATEL, SC; SUNDARARAMAN, S; DEY, R; THAKUR, S; KUMAR, M
2006Eclogite xenoliths from Wajrakarur kimberlites, southern IndiaPATEL, SC; RAVI, S; THAKUR, SS; RAO, TK; SUBBARAO, KV
2014Fluoride contamination of groundwater in parts of eastern India and a preliminary experimental study of fluoride adsorption by natural haematite iron ore and synthetic magnetitePATEL, SC; KHALKHO, R; PATEL, SK; SHEIKH, JM; BEHERA, D; CHAUDHARI, S; PRABHAKAR, N
2007Geology and geochemistry of giant quartz veins from the Bundelkhand Craton, central India and their implicationsPATI, JK; PATEL, SC; PRUSETH, KL; MALVIYA, VP; ARIMA, M; RAJU, S; PATI, P; PRAKASH, K
2016Hematite-rich concretions from Mesoproterozoic Vindhyan sandstone in northern India: a terrestrial Martian 'blueberries' analogue with a differencePATI, JK; PRUSETH, KL; CHATTERJEE, RS; PATEL, SC; PRAKASH, K; CHAKARVORTY, M; SINGH, RP; BHUSHAN, R; MALVIYA, VP; SHARMA, R; RAY, PKC
2017Hook-shaped type-3 superposed fold in granulite, Badarama complex, Rengali province, IndiaCHAMPATI, AK; SHEIKH, JM; PATEL, SC; BEHERA, ND; BEHERA, D
2015Isotope (C and O) composition of auriferous quartz carbonate veins, central lode system, Gadag Gold Field, Dharwar Craton, India: Implications to source of ore fluidsSWAIN, SK; SARANGI, S; SRINIVASAN, R; SARKAR, A; BHATTACHARYA, S; PATEL, SC; PASAYAT, RM; SAWKAR, RH
2007Low pressure granulite facies sukma supracrustal rocks near Nagaras, southern Bastar cratonTHAKUR, SS; PATEL, SC
2012Mafic and pelitic xenoliths in the Kinnaur Kailash Granite, Baspa river valley, NW Himalaya: Evidence of pre-Himalayan granulite metamorphism followed by cooling eventTHAKUR, SS; PATEL, SC
2009Mafic xenoliths in Proterozoic kimberlites from Eastern Dharwar Craton, India: Mineralogy and P–T regimePATEL, SC; RAVI, S; ANILKUMAR, Y; NAIK, A; THAKUR, SS; PATI, JK; NAYAK, SS
2009Mantle origin for auriferous CO(2) rich fluids at the Archaean lode gold deposit of Ajjenahalli, Chitradurga greenstone belt, southern IndiaSARANGI, S; SARKAR, A; SRINIVASAN, R; PATEL, SC
2010Mantle/magma derived auriferous CO(2) rich fluids for Archaean orogenic gold deposit of GRHalli, Dharwar Craton, Southern IndiaSARANGI, S; SARKAR, A; SRINIVASAN, R; PATEL, SC
2001Metamorphic history of sapphirine- and relict-kyanite-bearing Mg-Al rich rocks at Hatimunda Hill near Junagarh, Kalahandi District, OrissaPATEL, SC; BEHERA, S; MOHANTY, A; SINGH, AK; PATEL, SK
2001Metamorphism and contrasting corona structures in Bolangir anorthositic rocks, OrissaPATEL, SC; FROST, BR; FAIZAN, I; DEY, R; GHOSH, TK
2017Mineralogy of the TK1 and TK4 'kimberlites' in the Timmasamudram cluster, Wajrakarur Kimberlite Field, India: Implications for lamproite magmatism in a field of kimberlites and ultramafic lamprophyresSHAIKH, AM; PATEL, SC; RAVI, S; BEHERA, D; PRUSETH, KL
2009Multi-shelled orbicular olivine gabbronorite from Leh, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh HimalayaRAI, P; PATI, JK; PATEL, SC; NAIK, A; PANDA, D
2003Occurrence of kyanite in the nearshore sediments of north coastal andhra pradesh and its implications by d. Rajasekhara reddy and vemuri malathi. Jour. Geol. Soc. India, 2002, v.60(3), pp.329-331. CommentPATEL, SC
2015A P-T pseudosection modelling approach to understand metamorphic evolution of the Main Central Thrust Zone in the Alaknanda valley, NW HimalayaTHAKUR, SS; PATEL, SC; SINGH, AK