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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Aqueous Synthesis of Mn- and Co-Doped ZnO NanorodsPANIGRAHY, B; ASLAM, M; BAHADUR, D
2011Controlled optical and magnetic properties of ZnO nanorods by Ar ion irradiationPANIGRAHY, B; ASLAM, M; BAHADUR, D
2012Effect of Fe doping concentration on optical and magnetic properties of ZnO nanorodsPANIGRAHY, B; ASLAM, M; BAHADUR, D
2014Facile synthesis of reduced graphene oxide/Pt-Ni nanocatalysts: their magnetic and catalytic propertiesSAHOO, PK; PANIGRAHY, B; BAHADUR, D
2016Highly efficient and simultaneous catalytic reduction of multiple dyes using recyclable RGO/Co dendritic nanocomposites as catalyst for wastewater treatmentSAHOO, PK; THAKUR, D; BAHADUR, D; PANIGRAHY, B
2017Ice-templating synthesis of macroporous noble metal/3D-graphene nanocomposites: their fluorescence lifetimes and catalytic studySAHOO, PK; PANIGRAHY, B; THAKUR, D; BAHADUR, D
2013In situ synthesis and properties of reduced graphene oxide/Bi nanocomposites: As an electroactive material for analysis of heavy metalsSAHOO, PK; PANIGRAHY, B; SAHOO, S; SATPATI, AK; LI, D; BAHADUR, D
2013Magnetic behavior of reduced graphene oxide/metal nanocompositesSAHOO, PK; PANIGRAHY, B; LI, D; BAHADUR, D
2012Mobility enhancement of solution-processed Poly(3-Hexylthiophene) based organic transistor using zinc oxide nanostructuresNAVAN, RR; PANIGRAHY, B; BAGHINI, MS; BAHADUR, D; RAO, VR
2012p-type Phosphorus doped ZnO nanostructures: an electrical, optical, and magnetic properties studyPANIGRAHY, B; BAHADUR, D
2009Polymer-mediated shape-selective synthesis of ZnO nanostructures using a single-step aqueous approachPANIGRAHY, B; ASLAM, M; MISRA, DS; BAHADUR, D