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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Automated detection of transition segments for intensity and time-scale modification for speech intelligibility enhancementJAYAN, AR; PANDEY, PC; LEHANA, PK
2012Binaural dichotic presentation to reduce the effects of spectral masking in moderate bilateral sensorineural hearing lossKULKARNI, PN; PANDEY, PC; JANGAMASHETTI, DS
2005Cancellation of respiratory artifact in impedance cardiographyPANDEY, VK; PANDEY, PC
2002Design of comb filters based on auditory filter bandwidths for binaural dichotic presentation for persons with sensorineural hearing impairmentCHEERAN, AN; PANDEY, PC; JANGAMASHETTI, DS
2009Detection of stop landmarks using gaussian mixture modeling of speech spectrumJAYAN, AR; PANDEY, PC
2003Dichotic presentation for binaural hearing aids using perceptually balanced critical bandwidth based comb filtersCHEERAN, AN; PANDEY, PC
1998Dichotic presentation of speech signal with critical band filtering for improving speech perceptionCHAUDHARI, DS; PANDEY, PC
2003Effect of GCI perturbation on speech quality in Indian languagesLEHANA, PK; PANDEY, PC
2003The effect of SNR and GCI perturbation on speech synthesis with harmonic plus noise modelLEHANA, PK; PANDEY, PC
2002Enhancement of alaryngeal speech using spectral subtractionPANDEY, PC; BHANDARKAR, SM; BACHHER, GK; LEHANA, PK
2009Estimation of Place of Articulation During Stop Closures of Vowel-Consonant-Vowel UtterancesPANDEY, PC; SHAH, MS
2007Estimation of place of articulation in stop consonants for visual feedbackSHAH, MS; PANDEY, PC
2005Estimation of vocal tract shape for VCV syllables for a speech training aidSHAH, MS; PANDEY, PC
2009An Impedance Detector for GlottographySARVAIYA, JN; PANDEY, PC; PANDEY, VK
2008Impedance Simulator for Testing of Instruments for Bioimpedance SensingPANDEY, VK; PANDEY, PC; SARVAIYA, JN
2001A micro-controller based dB meterKOTHARI, A; PANDEY, PC; RATHORE, TS
2012Multi-band frequency compression for improving speech perception by listeners with moderate sensorineural hearing lossKULKARNI, PN; PANDEY, PC; JANGAMASHETTI, DS
2009Multi-band frequency compression for sensorineural hearing impairmentKULKARNI, PN; PANDEY, PC; JANGAMASHETTI, DS
2008Optimizing the comb filters for spectral splitting of speech to reduce the effect of spectral maskingKULKAMI, PN; PANDEY, PC
2002Optimizing the sweep cycle of time-varying comb filters for binaural dichotic presentation in sensorineural hearing impairmentCHEERAN, AN; PANDEY, PC